a few years after the big bang

Have been waiting on several contacts getting back to me over this company and I can now inform you that these are the same sources who gave the Blog the heads up on the Desire oil strike (confirmed today)

The flow testing at the Bentley field is well underway and has been for the last few days so says our contacts. The news is expected to be very positive no problems have been encountered other than the usual rough seas. Knutsen tankers are known to be in this area probably off-loading the flow-test oil. Commercial rates of BOPD are being hit!

Production planning is all but nailed on here. It has been rumoured that takeover approaches were being made to Xcite from various heavy oil producers in the UKCS hence the poison pill share-holder rights adoption which is seen as a warning shot across the boughs of any predatory action that was rumoured to be in the offing. Xcite are going into production they are not interested in takeover the discovery is just too big and it’s known that they have ALL the help they need with the Bentley Alliance and BP in their corner! Fast-tracking their production.

Flow testing means only one thing and that is that news is about to break!

Get your alerts set 300p will be but a distant memory here over the next few days; targets are 400/500p your investments look like they are going to be considerably enhanced as they trend up on flow test news. The news IS positive! Big gains here over the next day or so!



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  1. Rhazi says:

    I doubt it.

  2. Paul says:

    Is that a 100% confirmed that flow testing has begun?

    • Forest Fred says:

      As far as I am ware, the bond choppers left for the Nomad this morning about 11.30am, so flow-testing is happening.

      The share price was rising BEFORE the choppers flew, so something is leaking out.

      Hopefully, some very heavy oil.

  3. CT says:

    IMO & DYOR – many sources confirming this, expect a big sp increase. Sources are always bang on.

  4. J C says:


    Can you confirm the date of this info please?.

    I thought the tanker was sent back to port due to issues with the weather impacting the crew change and cancellation of the Bond Choppers.


  5. Paul says:

    Been a lot of talk about adverse weather conditions, tankers and flight issues. Wonder if this has just been smoke and mirrors and the company still on track to deliver announcement any day ?

  6. companyman says:

    Of course they’re flow testing! they told us that they would begin flow testing the first week in DECEMBER. it doesnt take a genuis to work this out. the market and city boys will obviously begin to seek info on flow testing from there contacts and hey presto the news begins to leak.

  7. Stallionman says:

    Let’s hope it’s not another TRP were your sources were incorrect

  8. TOM BOMBADILL says:

    What r u on Gazza Gary?
    The blogs already said it doesn’t rate desire and there was more oil in his car as they hit a duster on the side track. and they have had big problems with their management they got roasted by the FSA for shambolic insider practices! all fact mate.
    He’s not changed his opinion!!!!! He only posted that they had hit a duster TRUE then he posted that they had hit oil TRUE whats your problemo with the truth. You must be in desire!!!
    You come on here calling people numpties then when you get called a numptie you go all menstrual.
    LMAO @ you!

  9. Eric says:

    The same sources told you that Desire is heading for duster in Rachel North well?

    Des was up 35% today at one point and still over 25% up

    • gunther says:

      Dan why do you let these tossers post on here.
      Eric are you just plain stupid? The blog told us that ernest was a duster that the rachel side track was a duster and that the Rachel north had hit oil Read the fooking posts you moron!
      For fooks sake brokerman please keep these mongs off here ive had fantastic results from your posts and made big bucks but these lemons that you let post are thick as pig poo.


  10. khan says:

    Daniel You are a STAR ………

  11. Gary Latyham says:

    Tom ,
    LMAO? sorry do not understand as I unfortunatly left my childhood behind some years ago I find grown up humour more amusing. I cashed in 20K of desire shares purly on the content of Dan,s blog 02-11-10 which slated Desire, so for that fact alone I agree with you I am a Numpty!

  12. stacey says:

    Gary you sold your des on the basis of a blog post. cum on i find that extremely unlikly given the fact that i assume you are an intelligent human being.
    stop trying to pull this guys plonka. Even the articles posted always state that investors should research their investments and not listen to chat boards or evn blogs. research starting wiv the fundamentals is brokerdans advice. ive read it loads of times on here as you will have.
    Come on stop bickering an lets get on wiv making lovely lolly.


    • Gary Latham says:

      I promise you I did sell them on the strength of that blog, I am a builder who buys a few shares for fun and I have had Desire shares since April some time around July – August I started reading Dan’s blog which I find very interesting and he obviously has a lot of knowledge and spends many hours researching companies and with that in mind and his very passionate slating of Desire is the reason I sold my shares in Desire I have not read a blog by Dan slating a company to this degree before………..Gary

  13. Gary Latham says:

    Listed in 2002, Sino Prosper State Gold Resources Holdings Limited (“Sino Prosper”) is focused on the mining and production of precious metals in China. Sino Prosper has acquired a production-ready polymetallic gold property in Heilongjiang Province with 5 licensed tenements, and is in the process of acquiring and expanding another operating gold mine in Inner Mongolia. With a clear and focused development strategy, low cost of production and operations, experienced management and technical team, Sino Prosper is on its way becoming a major Chinese precious metals producer with significant expansion and exploration potential and a focus on maximizing shareholder value.
    Dan could you look at Sino Prosper?

  14. Rosalimacat says:

    Coal,,,, it’s the new gold.

  15. tradertony says:

    Dan who the hell are you? You’ve just announced 20 minutes ago that Russia get the 2018 world cup. on your twitter account
    It’s just been announced ITS RUSSIA!
    Who are you? You are a spooky guy.

  16. chriswhoknows says:

    good.then i guess well all see 647 shortly.long live xcite, bluebeard and his black gold.

  17. Mark says:

    about that heads up on the Desire strike…

  18. Mark says:

    Still flow testing?