Cadogan Petroleum. The rise continues!

House Of Mirrors II

Hall of Market Mirrors

Now you’ll all recall the Alert I put out last week informing Cadogan holders that there were plots afoot to regain some of the PI holdings by those HONEST men in the city of London. They manipulated Cad down to the low 39/40p level there was a great wailing and gnashing of the teeth by some. But now maybe some of you will realise just why they where eager for all those lovely Cad shares. Order filling( as foretold) Cadogan have now risen (as foretold ) trading at 51.75p! That’s a rise since the alert of some 25%. Well done to those who heeded the warning and tough love to those who fell prey to the manipulation.If ever there was a reason to hold your stock based on what you know about a company after researching them then Cadogan are one of them.

After a helter -skelter mad rush to Yorkshire to source some more juicy Cad info’ I can now reveal that Kellet ARE RUMOURED  to be stake-building the recent 8.2% declaration MAY in all probability be upped to over 10% so thinks a broker friend of mine. Now some will see this as a predatory move and no doubt the rumours will circulate. The Market is a Hall of Mirrors so becareful. However our friends see this as nothing more than good business. Kellet are  investing on ” company knowledge”; ie Kellet are investing IN Cadogan, SO the Kellet analysis of Cad SHOULD BE SEEN as an investment vehicle for future growth in company value.  For those of you not in the know I am invested here as part of the 100k to 1 million challenge 70,000 bought @23.5p a nice healthy 100+% plus profit so far.   The stock is in full recovery mode and the trend is up. My target is between 60-80p although I am fluid in this and may hold until we get to as close to 100p as is practically possible but this depends on how well San Leon news goes. Be flexible as the pressure will mount on each investor to take some profit, most are looking at 100p plus with funds still buying in here as evidenced by the a STRONG DEMAND. It’s looking very good as trading is strong remember there will always be peaks and troughs in every share it’s what is causing them that should underpin your decisions.




PS. I feel some what vindicated,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  1. robert says:

    cheers dan all the best.

  2. robert says:

    cheers dan all the best.and i forgot to thank you /

  3. Philip says:

    thks Dan

  4. Si says:

    Actually you posted after you posted the warning the share price didn’t go down at all.

  5. Si says:

    Sorry, didn’t explain the above: just to add to it, if you are right about the accumulation, then the MMs will try to walk it down again to get the last part of the order because they were not that successful in walking it down at the 42 level (the only walking down was because of japan)

  6. Vines says:

    Thank you Dan

  7. sidneythekidney says:

    Thanks for the Caddy info. I bought in Daniel at 26p after reading the blog i didnt just go in blind i checked them out and went in with my eyes open. Bearing in mind all your success’s just how do you do it brokerman? You must be loaded! come on spill the beans. I got MTA at 2p sold them at 3.84 ive done well from the info on the blog. I’ll defo be subscribing to the new site i suspect will thousands of others. Gorilla investing i like it!
    sold half my Cadogan now on a free carry. Big kiss for bmd x

  8. Holeinthepocket says:

    Ahoi Dan , It’s a pleasure to read your blog , I feel you are always giving help to us and never really recording much more than a thanks , I mean researching takes days weeks and months yet you quite willingly share all your hard time consuming knowledge with us for free so hats off to you . I had a thought maybe for your new site you could hook up with rnszone , have us pay a yearly fee . Ie £20 throw in some free text credits and together with RNs zone distribute the rest to your charity of choice . We as investors should never forget the importance of money , most of us to make more so we can make our already privileged lifes even better , I am sure we can all afford a annual fee for your researching and knowing our fee will help others somewhere less fortunate than were we sit on our lap tops , smart phones etc etc .

    Ps A super duper fantastic SP prediction is surly on the cards for Matra ? ; )
    Cheers Dan , thanks again

  9. Mr M says:

    Hi Dan,

    Is there a link that specifically notes your trades on the £100k – £1m challenge? I’ve been trying to find it, but keep ending up with the SLE trade info from back in Jan.

    If you could post a link as a reply, it would be greatly appreciated!

    Viva la revolution!

  10. Warton2009 says:

    Do you think anyone who has NOT got these yet should still buy? I am looking for something for my ISA but seemed to have missed the boat on this one for this years ISA 🙁

  11. To Matra Petroleum
    To bring old news again and again there are no reason for that
    and the 2 weeks you were talking about must be gone. the 1500 – 2000 barrels you were talking about were are they.