Matra Emails….

The email in tray has gone ballistic with Matra. I can’t answer each one individually. What I will say is this.

I recently spoke to their Exploration Director Neil Hodgson who told me in no uncertain terms that if there was any investor who wished to discuss the current state of play then the company would be only too happy to take the calls or emails.

It’s simple you’re an investor telephone or email the company and speak to them. The way some of the emails come across just shows how much nonsense

Matra Production coming soon!

there is out there online.

It’s crystal clear the company have a large oil discovery in Orenburg, They are debt free, infrastructure is in place, Delek are fully supportive, A13 will be producing in Feb, funding will be arranged, Seismic will be shot, New drilling locations will be identified, OIP will increase, A14 will be drilled!  That in a nutshell is the company PR plan for 2012.



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No Responses

  1. Joseph says:

    Agree with all that dan , the only small problem i can see looming over all that lovely oil is the operator , licence holder and its management . Still holding .

  2. jas says:

    Whats the email?

  3. Buck Jones says:

    Thanks Dan, for all your info and balanced views it is appreciated. As always, investors need to :- Do Their Own Research….mmmm

    Happy Trading,
    Buck Jones

  4. rocky says:

    looks like u r sitting on a big loss here dan.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes the value is down there’s not many out there sat on gains when Lloyds are trading at 20p banks all showing huge losses we are all in the same boat. It’s a paper loss I’m more than happy to tough it out at the moment. I’m down on Range,San Leon, VOG, Roxi etc However I did make excellent gains and take very good profits from GKP,Encore,Nautical,Xcite, RKH, Haike,Avesco etc also had a decent turn on Max, LSG, AND DID SELL HALF my holding in Lloyds @ 67p before the crashmare all in all it’s been a great run lucky selling Lloyds to be honest, I needed the cash. In good shape in the round as they say. I don’t think I’ll strave.
      Good Luck


  5. Dan says:

    I do agree MTA is massively undervalued based on the oil in place , I agree with your numbers and forecasts, but I don’t think it’s just a problem with MTA but part of a wider problem, yes confidence has gone here, but the potential remains regardless . If you had picked 10 shares to drop at the beginning of the year , you would of been correct on nearly everyone . Yes MTA have oil , but that’s only half the battle/story , the market is very much risk off, and won’t allocate any value to anything other than cold hard production/cash on the balance sheet, so one half of the battle is finding the black gold, the other is extracting the value, and with the board of clowns at MTA confidence has been lost in their ability to transfer this oil into meaningful revenue . Back in the day you could get a spike on anticipation and valuations were always forward thinking projections on potential discoveries . It’s frustrating , MTA have oil there , yet we see these dog non producers flying 100% like des and roxi without a drop of oil, pure hype speculation plays , seems a rumour on the black gold is actually worth more than the oil itself . I’m in mxp and they have the UTS discovery at 135m barrels , the brokers don’t assign this well any value when doing their valuations until we can prove we have a real plan on extracting this oil in place and getting it on the balance sheet, until then it means nothing . Same with the other 12 oil discoveries this year , people say until we have flow rates they are meaningless , so we increase them by over 50% in 6 months and still the market doesn’t want to know . One discovery sagiz west is hopeful of producing 10,000 bopd on its own, then we have ask-2 at 50m barrels due in the next few days with at least a 50% cos , remember the des pre drill hype to 180p without a drop, we get none of that these days . The world is effectively bankrupt. Double dip in 2012 without a doubt .