King Solomon’s Mines

Scene from the movie The Gold Rush. 1925.

Gold Rush!

Gold fever gripped private investors yesterday as Solomon Mines reported increased GOLD to ore assay results.Insanity took Investors on a wonderful magical gold rush fever driven hike as the sp hit previously un-thought of heights teasing visions of golden nuggets just lying on the floor waiting to be pocketed blinded ALL. Some jumped in with both feet buying in at 80p+ “Geronimo” they screamed while taking the dive belly flops and all! Even King Solomon himself Nick Mather was caught up in the Fauro islands furore reporting in-accurate dates in the hastily rushed epistle: “The Company is pleased to report that all the results from the August 2010 surface sampling exploration campaign have now been received.  These have been combined with the previous assay results from the exploration work completed by Solomon Gold since being granted the tenement in November 2010 A genuine new meaning to a forward-looking statement there Nick.

So what next here for King Solomon? A slow return to sanity is on the cards here as investors take their profits. Certainly one to watch and research. Gold fever is highly contagious and can break out at any time symptons to watch out for are; Bulging eyes,increased heart rate, lip licking,hot sweats,stomach butterflies, salivating over the laptop or an unexplained pool of drool! Any 3 from seven of these and you are infected. Seek immediate medical attention!


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  1. windfall says:

    I’ve been tipped off by a feww investing buddies that your blog is a healthy antidote to losing money.
    Can you give me a few investing tips?. Read this posthad a good laugh reading this post i bought at 61p and have watched the sp plummet ever since had symptons of fast beating heartlip licking. No drool but i’ve did have a headache.
    The price is in free fall and you Sir have correctly said it.

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

  2. TraderBoyBow says:

    windfall never buy on a tip. Always do your research before buying. You may miss out on an initial 5-10% rise but it’s better than buying into a dud. Good luck

  3. miopus says:

    A good way of overcoming gold rush fever is to have your money invested in companies such as NPE and simply watch the discussion boards on SOLG on a day like yesterday. It is useful from both a financial point of view – to discourage yourself from investing blindly and to learn about human nature and greed/fear.

    Saying that, I am invested in AGQ.