Poll the results are in! It’s a YES!!!!!!

Second round of the French presidential electi...

A vote for Dan is a vote for Mammon!

I BrokermanDaniel acting as Returning officer for the said poll do hereby declare the number of votes cast as follows: 4736 with no spoiled votes the turnout was based on the actual number of votes cast over the three-day duration. The question was “Has the BrokermanDaniel Blog helped YOU with your investments?”
A resounding 74.86% of voters voted yes.
While 13.78% also voted that they had benefited.
That is 88.64% of the 4736 of the votes cast had benefitted from the blog! What a result!
No Opinion was 3.54%
While the nay sayers consisted of a miserly 7.82%
Sometimes. 13.78%
So by the authority vested in me I hereby declare myself(Daniel) the winner!
So there you go!
Up the Revolution!!! Nautical,Encore,GKP,CHAR,Xcite,GCM,Chariot,BP, blah,blah, blah! You all know the rest!

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No Responses

  1. Neil says:

    Well done Dan. A very well deserved result

  2. mlke c says:

    Excellent. i have only just found this site and wish it had of been sooner. Especially regarding PCY ramping etc.

    Looking forward to your blogs.

  3. No voter says:

    I demand a recount!

    No Voter

  4. Dyl says:

    Well Done Dan!

  5. biznezman says:

    well done, the outcome was never in dispute, however could you send me your blog a little earlier as I need a new jag!

  6. well done fella you deserve it u have done well for us all…lol