Desire Petroleum. Dust, Dust and more Dust!

A Dust Bowl storm approaches Stratford, Texas ...

Dusty Desire.

The Blog came  under  sustained email pressure lately to update the BLOGOSPHERE on Desire. We were aware of the oil shows being touted around the city of London last week. However bearing in mind Desires’ past history caution prevailed,the result of the Ninky well which has now been plugged and abandoned is further proof if proof was ever needed to stay well clear. We hope that investors who emailed castigating us for NOT posting a piece on Desire last week are now chastened. It’s more bad news and more dust. The reason we never posted on Desire is that we have taken the decision to stay well away from the company bearing in mind the Oil into Water miracle and their consistent failures. We have maintained a “stay away” from the company position as there are more solid investments out there with BODs who have a proven track-record. (see Desire  R.I.P Post)

Lot of pain out there amongst Desire Investors but I hate to say it you were all told!



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  1. Philip Walsh says:

    Could we please have your view on encore’s proposed spin off?

  2. tony says:

    dan we you going live with the web site,

  3. Isaac says:

    its interesting Dan,when i was telling the guys on LSE that DES stunk of of nothing but air,they called me a deramper and if i dont hold any shares what am i doing there,but now i am sure some of them remember we all warned them,i was trying to find a reason to invest in there but didnt find any after 4 months of researching and reading their RNS’s and blogs.
    it just wasnt and isnt a good stock

  4. Lepracauns says:

    It amazes how anyone stayed with DES after the Oil to Water incident. This should have been the final warning, there had already been plenty of warning signs placed.

    It amazes me how people chase a loss, or want to get revenge on a share that owes them something, average down, doubling up, holding the profit for the big one. DES seems to have made it personal for a lot of folks, including some v. seasoned posters.

    Read the Zurich Axioms, brill little peice on risk management when dabbling in the markets.

  5. encore says:

    Dan Any thoughts on Encore’s (eo.) news today ??

  6. OILBUG says:

    100% correct Dan .

    Desire is death i only hope this will not effect RKH too much.

    A chap i used to read on the internet called chrisoil always warned investors away and was hounded if i recall, well its your day now if you ever read dans blog.

  7. James says:

    Hi Dan,

    What’s your sentiment re RKH? Are you down on the whole FI piece – I have a good holding of RKH and think it’s a winner but being manipulated to hell right now.

    Your thoughts appreciated.

  8. hi Broker,
    just wondering if you can give us your opinions on Encore Oil and latest RNS – Will be much appreciated !

  9. Oilbaron says:

    Hi Dan
    I remember the slagging off you got when you warned investors to keep away from Desire. Lot of red faces on interactive investor this morning some people never learn of course they always back track and suffer from selective memory loss. Same on ADVFN LOT OF RED FACES.
    wELL DONE FELLA i SOLD AT 80P after reading your stuff. Am so glad for your opinion.Saved me over 10k. I will defo be subscribing to the new site £30 a month is okay by me. I use …waste of bloody time… i’ll be cancelling my subs to them and sending it to you, you are welcome to them.

  10. B1GGZ says:

    well am suffering an £1800 loss on DES which crazily enough am still holdin onto it ( dont know why ). Guess it is a revenge thing as someone pointed out. But seeing as almost 90% of my stake has vanished it seems pointless pulling the remainin 10% out, so its now ALL OR NOTHING WITH DES. Been with it for all 6 drills and now the only thing thats spinning is not the drill bit, BUT my head.

  11. Homer Simpson says:

    Hi dan

    Wondered what your thoughts were on MXP and BMR

    keep up the good work and i look forward too the new website.


  12. Tom says:

    Hi Dan,
    Would it be possible to give Amerisur resources a look?

    They have a large exciting drilling campaign this year.


  13. Philip Cooper says:

    Dan, got any graduate jobs going? 🙂

  14. nikkie says:

    hi dan,
    i am new to share dealing.i invested some money over here,doing some research bought few thousand shares in des @80p i thought they will strike one day.i lost all my money in connaught as well.can u give me some tips wich compnies should i invest in.

  15. bren says:

    Cant believe all the rumours going round on iii from people who claim to have drill info (the usual suspects time after time) and the amount of people buying off the back of this so called ‘inside info’, and then cursing these posters when it doesnt work out. Whilst we all love a nice bit of gossip, I dont this counts as research in the normal sense of the word….