Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. Another “Chisholm” on the way?

I moseyed down to the UK Investor show at the weekend sneaking around “incognito” A jolly good time I had. My first port of call was of course Leyshon Resources (LRL) who promptly disappeared out of sight leaving its stand unattended for the next 20 minutes or so.

I gave up & headed over to the Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (NTOG) stand where believe it or not CEO Matt Lofgran was being told by the Lothbury PR Guy, Gary Middleton, “Not to leave the stand unattended” Had he picked up on the Leyshon Faux-pas? I don’t know. But it is a pointer. A tiny insight into the workings of the oil tiddler that says much about the quality of the people Lofgran has surrounded himself with.

I hung around for five minutes of ear-wigging whilst noting that the Nostra stand was one of the more busy bees. Snapped a few pics for the Infamous, Libellous, Brokermandaniel Members Only Website then announced myself with a juicy awkward question. “Intents to drill notices from Ward have been lodged are these for more ‘CT’ drills Matt?” Poor Matt didn’t know what hit him! For the next two hours or so I popped back & forth just to annoy them with more questions. Snaffling four oil barrel stress toys (Freebies I love freebies) in the process. (A pen would have been nice!) The Nostra stand was busy. Another sign?

The company dealt with my questions nervously, after all they now knew that we knew that they knew that we knew, (if you get the drift) and had, last week, managed to finally nail down the company drilling locations in Oklahoma’s Kingfisher & Garfield Counties, USA. The problem we’d had was that the wells were not called “Chisholm Trail.” This name was as we suspected used to confuse those trying to discover what Nostra obviously consider and still do “market sensitive information” Poppycock. It’s all out there now courtesy of yours truly.

The announcement by “Gastar” an NYSE-listed Oil Production & Exploration Company that it had (so far) spent $85 million dollars buying up acreage, asset & prospects. Which encircled Ward/Nostras’ acreage in the Kingfisher and Garfield counties, was key to unmasking what Gastar described as “An undisclosed Mid-Continent Oil Play” In effect an Oil Rush.

Gastar recent drills have, like the Nostra/Ward drills, excelled returning close to a 1000 boepd over a 10 day cycle. Is this why Nostras’ responses to questions, emails, phone calls, tweets and general queries have been met with pursed lips? They are sat on prime oil real estate and are still adding to it. I still think investors haven’t quite grasped how significant this is for their investment. I cannot emphasise how good this could be over the next 6/12/18 months.

Nostra could be a 10 bagger. The shares could get to 5p, they could get to 10p, but in reality 2/3p would seem about right. “This is a tremendous opportunity to secure a much larger position in what we believe has the potential to be a highly prolific new oil play” says Gastar. If it’s “Tremendous” for Gastar, (Who just spent $85 million dollars. $33 million dollars of this was for producing acreage of 177 bopd which should put into context the real value of Nostras thought to be 80+ boepd which is almost certainly going to double if not treble this year). Then it’s at least the same for Nostra. Tremendous.

Nostra hasn’t published its reserves but they’re on their way. After a minimum of 6 months production history, a reservoir engineer can begin figures. These will be real, proven figures (PDP and PDS), not the outlandish guff that we are all sick of reading on AIM. We can expect more “CT” drills this year. Intents to drill notices from Ward have already been lodged. Ward does not hang around. Big gains to be had here.

Remember that when Matt Lofgran took over in 2009 there were 424,016,380 shares in issue @ 0.10p = 424k GBP. There are now 2,456,165,314 shares in issue @ 0.50p = 12.28m GBP. That’s a 400% rise in value and a 1200% rise in their market capital value. He is bringing home the bacon.

Do I hold stock in Nostra Terra Oil & Gas? Do our Members hold stock? Is there another CT drill on the way? Does a bear shit in the woods? Take a wild guess! Get researching them. Has another permit for “CT” been finalised? You bet!



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