Encore/Nautical. Catcher

Deepsea Delta oil drilling rig in the North Sea.

Encore/Nautical story started here!

“The Transocean Galaxy II heavy-duty jack-up rig is expected to return to the Catcher area later this week to drill up to four exploration and appraisal wells.  The first well in the programme is on the Varadero exploration prospect situated to the west of the Catcher discovery.”

So says Alan Booth of Encore Oil in the latest installment of the oily rags to riches story!

I can now tell the blogosphere that Encore oil are in my view trading at a significant discount to where in-fact they should be! 108p for this company is great value. In two months time when all the news is in and we have fully assessed the Cladhan/Catcher discovery some here in the city think that there will not be much change out of 300p per share. Yes the targets and potential here as FORETOLD many months ago are huge!

Nautical Petroleum  are another under-valued stock. You’ll recall that this blog posted that Nautical were going to be a major player in North Sea production? Well 400p here is quite literally “cheap as chips” I know £4 per share is quite pricey but look at the potential,look at Nautical’s other interests! 600p is easily achievable here but! I have it on good information that Broker targets will be significantly increased when the full Catcher/Kraken oip is known .What that means is that new broker targets could increase substantially over 600p! 700p/800p is now thought to be within range here!

Please do your own research.


PS Up the Revolution!

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  1. Ann Chance says:

    thank you Daniel. I note TRP appear very pleased with themselves too today. Are you happy that their update reflects your recent intimations?

  2. OILBUG says:

    short term target must be £2 this week i hope with cladhan news mid week

    best of luck to all of us …………………………………………..

  3. Joseph says:

    Thanks again dan , these 2 are fast becoming a better bet than even gkp imo or am i underestimating gkp ? Politics there so frustrating

  4. seena t says:

    brokerman you are trully the modern day robinhood, got these and nautical at cheap prices and now will hold for life changing gains. I hope to see encore at £2by end of next week

  5. Apur32 says:

    Holding EO for great times ……… waiting for something big this week………..

    Fantastic information…..

    Great man………………..

    Thanks Daniel

  6. Jeff says:

    Dan i realise that this is off piste so too speak but do you think that the recent hack attacks may be related to the blogs email subscriptions? Just thinking out loud. Lets face it several thousand email addys of investors each trading thousands upon thousands of quids must add up to millions of pounds in trades on a daily or weekly basis. A pitch to lets say 5 thousand investors offering financial services either trading platforms or direct selling like they do on some sites, flog you tips for about 80 quid a year, would definately pull in a fair few percentage wise. I do know that most on here have made big dosh from researching your pointersand are cash rich so it would be good business for a finance web site to get their greedy mitts on the lists!
    How much did they offer?


  7. Pi1010 says:

    I’ve done well out of Nautical and Encore, and hope they will reach the big broker targets mentioned, however I also think that the blogship needs to be ever aware that share prices are never a one way bet, and even if a given share like Encore is a top performer, the market (and the sector) can still move against you.

    • Brokerman says:

      Yes you’ re quite right. It is up to each investor to decide their strategy. I can not for obvious reasons tell people when to buy or sell each investor has to take responsibilty for their own investments. A healthy sp with profit is an opportunity to take some gain from the investment.