Encore/Nautical. News.

After many hours of sniffing around over the last several days i can now impart some information on the above .

Encores’ stake in Catcher/Cladhan could very well be bought by other parties after the full OIP numbers are quantified with full FDP’s in place: so says an analyst friend over at Evolution. Given the companies stated  raison d’etra this would make sense. The Catcher discovery will certainly be on the radar of all involved in the UKCS fields, adding a quality proven asset to a company portfolio.  You’ll note that the sp has slowly crept up over the last several weeks this slow rise is expected to continue, with a few bumps along the way, given the much awaited Cladhan drill news coupled with possible Catcher news. Debt free. Looking a very good prospect.

100p target is looking increasingly likely on good news from Cladhan or improved oip from Catcher expect a big spike if you get news from both.

Big profits will go to this company on any sale of Catcher/Cladhan thus increasing the sp substantially

Target 100p/150p.

Nautical have recently had a placing which had no effect on the sp quite the reverse. You’ll note that their sp is also slowly creeping up. News from the Kracken spud has had an effect here in the city. Brokers are  rating Nautical as a buy. Stake building is in effect here. This will certainly move the sp upwards. The clock is ticking on Kracken,Catcher,Mariner; not to mention Nauticals’ other assets. Also debt free. A 200p target once again is looking way under value. 300p is much more likely given the time frame/schedule for news.

Target 200p/300p

Catcher alone is rumoured to be bigger than recent estimates.

My take on it all is to issue a word of caution to investors chomping at the bit and frothing at the mouth. Always do your own research and if possible seek professional advice on your investments.


PS. Hold for news.

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  1. Stevie says:

    Well done Dano nautical and encore are both way up since you posted your information quite some time ago ive done a graph which shows that nautical have increased by 27% and encore by 33%since your 1st post. an just as you predicted in each blog they always seem to move upwards. Are you physic mate?
    thanks for the effort.
    Great web site.

  2. sharetipper says:

    Yeah they’ve deffo been on the march steve. This Dan is on the money with this blog.

  3. bono says:

    when do you think this cladhan drill news will b announced Dan?
    How high will the price go if it’s a good rns?


  4. LSE guy says:

    The muppets on lse are giving your name a right royal roasting. Can’t understand some of them i personally haven’t got any axe to grind with you Daniel, your posts are much welcome by me and many others over on London southeast. Lot of twisted investors on lse at the mo’ am thinking of ditching my subscription and moving over to advfn, cant stand that mackyt21 what a nasty nob he is.

  5. boobly says:

    dan , anything thing Petrolatina yet (PELE).?????

  6. brownie says:

    How high do you think theyll go on more good news dan? npe should be trading at at least 300p in mho so to encore should be well above 100p lets face it they are both on a roll with there latest discoveries can only be good for shareholders like myself. and what about a takeover which i think is plausable Any news on it?