Encore/Nautical. News. Hold for news!

As per my last post news is expected by the market. From the way Encores’ sp is reacting it seems probable that the news is germain to Encore which means that Cladhan should be the subject of the next update from Encore.

Rumours and whispers are circulating i will not comment on them or post them as yet until i can firm them up through reliable contacts.


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  1. OILBUG says:

    Thanks Dan on Encore news………………..

    Hope your reliable contacts can find some news soon on (blvn) bowleven tests. Most of us are pulling out our hair at the lack of share price movement, re last Oil discovery mulit stacked apprasial RNS and stem tests x 4.

    Does anybody know whats down their ????????????????????

  2. Don Ace says:

    Thanks for such a fantastic blog site.

    well done.

    ps BB bashers on iii et Al getting fooked V.Soon :-

  3. boobly says:

    I think CAZA is the one to be in next few days, some already think it should be near a 100p. Looks a great trade.

  4. boobly says:

    Dan anything on PELE yet? Should be an op update shortly, hold onto your hat then.

  5. Rogerio Setubal says:

    i’m share holder of rkh, for the last day’s i have see the shares fouling down from £3,30 of today £2,95, do you think is ernest a duster ? or is something else. please inform if you know the problem i’m geting nervous.
    many thanks