Central China Goldfields. DE-JA-VU?

I am placing a warning out here re’ this company. It’s not so long ago that Central China Goldfields released a similar statement re’ their “world class assets” in China. I remember the great hulabuloo as gold fever gripped investors.. Yes thousands invested as the news of the yellow metal just lying on the floor over in China gripped investors; guess what happened? The share price tanked to under 2p leaving thousands with lossess running into literally millions. What did GGG do? Well they flogged off their “world class assets Nimu” for a few million dollars and made a sharp exit out of China. Now they’re in Austraila telling us all the same story but with a different name and a new chairman only this time instead of” Nimu” read “Bullabulling” You have been warned!


My advice is if in profit get the hell out!


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  1. Richard Stevens says:

    Hi Dan,
    What name are they trading under now?

  2. GTG says:


    Any news on RKH ?


  3. OILBUG says:

    GTC looks like (RKH) Ernest is a duster re share price over the days taken to drill sea lions discovery RNS

    Not a suprise CSEM has proven doomed after fogl regarding the Falklands.

    What investors are interested in is whats going on with bowleven maybe Dan is going to do an update re stem tests results next week ?

  4. brownie says:

    Well there ya go again Danno. I bought mine yonks ago at4.75p left them tucked away in my online cabinet sold the frigging lot at 6.75 after reading ya post. theyre now plummeting like a stone.
    I tip my hat to you mate.
    Spot on blog.
    Many many thanks………………….