Walsall FightNight AB McKinley Promotions. “Shake My Hand Or I’ll Strangle YOU!”

It was fightnight last week down at the Share Talk Walsall Cage Fighting gala hosted by that credible non-partisan well-known boxing promoter AB McKinley ‘Promotions’

The Main Event was nothing compared to the undercard which saw a cage fight of truly magnificent proportions.

The air was tense, the showdown was going world-wide via VOX TV, Muppet TV and LSE. Sadly there was no mention of it on twitter…..

The audience was packed with well-known city of London big hitters! In the red corner was Andy ‘The Lion” Neal, in the Blue corner was Mike ‘Strangler” Whitlow.  Both men had been heavily training, weight lifting pints of beer at the bar. One man had refused to ‘Shake Hands’  and one of them had decided that this was tantamount to an insult which deserved a ‘good thrashing’….

Click The Pic! For the Action!

Ding!…… The crowd roared as the two Gladiators squared up, one of them the ‘Strangler’ couldn’t wait for the second Ding!!!!!. An over-arm, underarm shake my hand deceit resulting in a death like throat grip by the ‘Strangler’ on the ‘Lion’ was quickly dealt with by an over-arm, double left-sided swerve and twist as the ‘Lion’, struggled, to get out of the ‘Strangler‘ Jedi grip, eventually slipping, the ‘sneak’ before the bell attack.

Ding! Ding!! Round one….   the ‘Strangler‘ moved in again with a forced back push to the exit doors. The ‘Lion’ once again deftly wriggled and giggled as he danced away with superior footwork. (These moves were honed on the playing fields of their primary schools). The crowd screamed, they roared there’d never been such a ‘holy show’ as this at Walsall before… The gloves were off the boys were going hammer and tongue back and forth as each blow  was countered by the other, the sweat was dripping off them it went on back and forth like this all night, punches, kicks, gouges, bites, bear hugs ,pulling tongues, it was “gruesome” there was claret every-where (NOT) some said it was “embarrassing” to watch such fine figures of the retail Investor/Trader space demean themselves with such a display of sheer masculinity! As the deadly twosome swung like demolition balls back and forth….

“Rocky! Rocky! Rocky!” The audience howled… “Bring on Tyson Fury” and “who the fook is Conor McGregor we’ve got The Lion and The Strangler!!!!”  The referees quickly ran in and parted the CONbatants at the final bell of this 40 second extravaganza, declaring a Drraw! Honours even, both fighters came out with their reputations exactly where they were at the beginning. LOL!!!!!!!

Such was the entertainment at the  I’m gunna strangle you!!! You never shook my hand! Fiasco!




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7 Responses

  1. Scott says:

    Funny as fu*k. Doc really is a nob head

  2. Scott says:

    He’s about as handy as Napoleon Dynamite too…

    • Dan Levi says:

      Just a giggle… Lightens the world. No harm done… I expect they’re both a lot more wiser LOL!!! 🙂 There’s no secrets when there’s 40 geezers there!!! LOL!!!

  3. Scott says:

    I guess so. It’s Doc’s history of calling people out, bottling it but then in this instance, sizing the smaller guy up prior to taking him on that I’m not keen on….

  4. Muham says:

    I was there. It was agreed to ignore Doc by most of us. He was given the cold shoulder. Andrew only ignored him. Told him he wasn’t going to shake his hand.

    Later on after he’d had two beers he then attacked Andrew. Pretended to shake his hand. Grabbed him by the neck , then tried to march him outside.

    Liberty taker.

    Andrew Neal is a quiet gentleman. Awful behavior all because no none bothered with him. If It was me I’d have got the police. That’s assault.

    Then we all came over and sorted it out.

    • Blenheiminvestor says:

      Hardly worth the police, old boy. It was just a scuffle. I think it was mean to ignore Doc’ after all civility costs nothing.
      Not the behaviour of professionals so what do you expect. Men behaving childisly ignoring another human being is spiteful In my book

  5. Tozzer says:

    “Shake my hand or I’ll strangle you” for f**k sake Daniel. You have a wicked sense of humour. The wife has not stopped laughing, really enjoyed the piece.

    Ya barm pot,