Andalas Energy. AIM Investigation & Life Support

ADVFN BLOGGERIt’s looking very bleak at Andalas Energy & Power (LON: ADL) and It’s only going to get worse. I can exclusively reveal that Aim Regulation and their Nomad are investigating the company. Complaints have been lodged and the AIM Regulator is “Taking note” of those complaints! You can read all about some of the fraud by clicking HERE

As I watch their sp tumble towards the yet to be approved placing price of 0.20p, I can’t but help wonder what will happen when/if it goes sub placing price? The news from the city of financial shame, London, is that they will try to readjust the placing price further down! Yes suckers who are provisionally pencilled in for their allotment of stock may get more shares at a marked down price. Rumour is that it could be 0.15p.

I spoke to several sources yesterday one said that phone calls, emails and text messages had been flying back and forth over the last few days between the company, nomad, brokers and the market makers in a desperate attempt to “Hold the line” keep the SP above the 0.20p placing price.  Andalas are on “Life Support”. Another had taken calls from known pumpers and dumpers screaming “Blue murder” on how they’d been “Shafted” by the brokers. A completely utter crock of shit. Brokers are their to make money for their clients, whoever they are. If there’s no stomach for a placing at nonsensical prices then they, like every business have to knock the price down. Supply and demand chaps. It doesn’t matter if you think you’ve got gold and tell every mug punter and BBLoon, what counts is what they are prepared to pay. Quite obviously no one was prepared to pay the nonsensical amounts ramped out by the pump and dumpers on social media, ergo you get what you can. The people who “Shafted” retail investors are the Board of Andalas and their pump & dump cheerleaders. We all know who they are!

Whitby Crook

Under Pressure!

Back to Fraud.

Just quite what has been going on within the company at this present time, one can only hazard an educated guess. But the pressure is now on the bullshitter and fraudster CEO Whitby to explain away (Among other things) why loans of $500,000 he made to himself via the Corsair Singaporean shell were extinguished. Get out of that one Dave and you can take the name ‘Houdini’. With the weight of  2,448,138,803 billion shares around his neck, he is sinking. I don’t think investors in AndalARSE will be seeing Dave for quite some time. Nudge nudge, wink! Wink!







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3 Responses

  1. Albadross says:

    Managed to sell my CEB at 1.10. Last year. After reading your tweets and blogs. bet some are in the poo now here . Dan do u think they’ll get their placing away. According to some it could go belly flop?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sold my then CEB last year. Aren’t I a clever monkey. Knew they were run by twats and a fraud when the tosspots start ramping. You only got to read what whitelow=dick holiday posts to see through their pumps.

  3. Ants says:

    Big Gib. A BIG TIT. Knew they were shite when hobby and the Twitter tampers were pushing them hell for leather. Sold last year . Got£ back smiling now.