The GREAT Vernalis Swindle Continues!!!!

News from this side of the fence!

The great SWINDLE at VERNALIS has continued afoot here! After a poor take up from PI’s the powers that be have been running an artifical spread of between 72/79 pence as they off load the under written stock for the Underwriters. You’ll notice that the SP has now gone into free fall which should tell you that ALL the underwritten stock has now been sold and the sp will automatically correct itself accordingly; DOWNWARDS!!!

To all those who bought their rights at 76p YOU are now showing a loss of over 25% not to mention the loss on your original holdings!

While the underwriters and MM’s have creamed it in YOU the lonely PI’s have suffered a massive DILUTION.  YOU WERE ALL WARNED HERE when the rights issue was announced.

There are shorts on this stock sub 50p with stops ranging from 55/45p

Well done to the board of the ROTTEN ship VERNALIS once again you have captained your Boat through the choppy seas away from the rocks but for how long will it continue before THERE IS ANOTHER RIGHTS ISSUE?


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  1. aj74 says:

    Hi Dan,

    Bit shocked to read about this company ‘VERNALIS’ and it makes you wonder how many more companies are doing the same thing?

    Hi Rob, are you out there? All is looking very positive with Songbird Estates ( The ‘BIG’ Buying continues ). As my way of thanking you I have a guilt edged opportunity with a small cap oil company in Uganda who also have significant interests in Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company in question is Dominion Petroleum (DPL) and they have two major drills planned for this coming June. I’m already invested at 5.1 pence and it’s currently around 6.3 pence to buy and I would strongly suggest you have a close look at it. The recent placing was fully subscribed at 5 pence per share and wasn’t underwritten that’s how strongly the institutional investors felt for the company and its prospects. (All current and new ‘European blue chip institutions have participated in the placement). When you look at the company also pay special attention to Block 7 offshore Tanzania. I would welcome any comments.

    All the best