GKP Update

Am very busy here on behalf of the blogship re’ this stock.

(Without wishing to influence holders bearing in mind the TRP cock up)

I am currently gathering ALL news and am in the process of sorting out the wheat from the chaff. This is proving rather problematic as most of it is speculation from the market/Brokerages.  My hint of GKP ( last post) news.Was superceeded by a plethora of news which i see as on the whole beneficial. The SP has stabilised and stayed above the 80p thresh-hold.

I will post news/views only when  cross referenced and researched  to the max’ spoke to 6 brokers including one from EVO. Still waiting for confirmation from KRG government on several issues that need to be clarified.


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  1. rob0000 says:

    Hi Daniel. Good to see you back in good form ! I see China ‘s oil demands have
    jumped by an astonishing 28%, _ source (IEA), if GKP can get things sorted out as soon as possible and MOL announce a reasonable oil find things could get very exciting !
    I am holding as there are whisperings of good news on the way?
    Good luck. Rob.
    P S AJ Are you out there ! Re SONGBIRD EST .
    The bird is singing very sweetly !!!
    Look at trades (fri) lse, takes your breath away. (HOLD) All looking good .
    Hope all is well.
    WEALTH WARNING. Don’t make investments based on anything said in this post .

  2. stevebuffet says:

    Thanks dan keep us all informed soon with any news

  3. miopus says:

    I don’t suppose EVO had much good to say though Dan ? To them GKP is a bit of a wallflower at the dance.