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Great news today came in the form of an RNS for holders of Rockhopper Exploration. Of course we here already foretold the news two days ago. The world-famous BMD Blog contacts have yet again proven to be spot on! (Thank you to our contacts you know who you are). So lets blow a big Raspberry to all those fools who two days ago began posting bulldroppings regarding our CORRECT post on todays RKH oil discovery. They’ve gone awfully quiet over on Interactive inFESTOR. He who laughs last laughs the longest!!!!!

Rockhopper Exploration 14/10-7 well is yet another success for the company the share-holders and the blog! Net pay 26m (85 feet)net pay Sea Lion Main Complex (SLMC) 25m,net pay lower sands 1,Gross reservoir SLMC 35m,Net to gross SLMC 72%,Reservoir quality in SLMC:,Average porosity 22%, maximum 27%,Average Sw 27%, Average permeability 70mD, maximum 230mD,  aND INTERESTINGLY ENOUGH there’s still No oil water contact encountered,  with Results at the  upper end of expectations.  This is yet again a fantastic result for RKH. Well done to the company.



PS Many thanks to all our supporters.

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No Responses

  1. ladyboy1 says:

    well done dan great work !!!!!

  2. Stevi0 says:

    Theres sum red faces on interactive this morning young Daniel
    Excellent work
    Made 12 k sold @ 264p
    Alls we need now is Matra to pull there bloody fingers out and plug this water.

  3. Alan says:

    Do you have an opinion on what it might really cost to get oil produced from the Falkys? Would you make a prediction of the political and financial long term outcome, either assuming the deeps in the South are either successful or not?

  4. Mario says:

    Do you know Dan isn’t it just par for the course. Your blog gets it right and no fooker on LSE mention it. selective memory loss. It seems they’re suffering from it.

    Keep up the good work

  5. investorguy says:

    Top man bring on the new web siteBrokerman.

  6. Rockhoppyholder says:

    Well done Brokerman.


  7. says:

    Insider dealing BMD.
    I have reported you to the FSA + WORDPRESS. I’ll get you closed down you bastard.

    Hub No1 Poster III

  8. Barnstonpickle says:

    Hub you are one saddo. You jealous bustard. Run along you tosser your site is an embarrasement.
    Leave it to the big boys like Dan.


  9. Harry says:

    Well, it’s about time you got one right. Hows matra doing for you? 😉

  10. Barnstonpickle says:

    Harry what about Nautical,Encore,Avesco,Lansdowne,Circle,Chariot,Gulfkeystone,Xcite,Sterling,Desire,Vernalis,Sefton,Rockhopper,Haike,Range,Oilex etc
    I could go on and list many more that Brokerman has called correctly each one of the above he called right. Massive gains were made by thousands of us who read his Blog @ the time and massive savings were made by steering away from the likes of Desire,Sterling etc.
    As for MTA it’s not Dans fault that the silly bleeders cant isolate the water they still have a min of 15 .6 million barrels of oil they only need to get production on tap & they’ll fly. People like you are whats wrong with online researching. To come on here & post dross shows people how silly & pathetic YOU & YOUR ilk are.
    I’ve made over 100k this year alone directly from researching what this guy posts. I take full responsibility when it goes up & when it goes down
    Grow some balls


    • Jimbo says:


      Encore,Gulfkeystone,Xcite are all substantially down or doing poor since Dan’s highlighted them. Encore was around 130p and was claimed would be 300p in a few months. Xcite was 300p and now is 150p. Matra was 3-4p and now is 0.9p.Roxi the other day was possibly the worst of the lot.. If people had chucked their money in full tilt on these recommendations they would be bankrupt.

      Rockhopper is down 3% today after the foretold news. You know why its down? As everyone already knew the result end of last week and the result was priced in the shareprice.

      I’m all for this blog and it does highlight some good shares, but i would be very careful to rush off and buy based on a strangers recommendation.
      Good luck all!

  11. Barnstonpickle says:

    Jimbo every single investor who would of researched Dans’ opinions when they were first given was or should or could have been sat on fortunes. All stock goes down some where along the line. Is it anyones fault other than there own? Look @ Sefton they went up nearly 400% after the research published on here. Not immediately they rose about 2 weeks after his post. They’re now down to about 2.6p is that the fault of BMD? No it isn’t. There’s a major crisis been rumbling on for the last 2 years. GKP have traded between 90p and 190pDan tipped them at 40/50p It’s up to each investor to decide on their own investments & when to take profit or as Danno says derisk at the first opportunity.
    As for MTA Dan began blogging on the merits of the company when they were 1.4p they rose over a period of time to over 5p any one could or should of sold and took profit. Don’t blame the messengers over mta their CEO STATED 1000 bopd for xmas 2010. The fault rests with the company and the volatility is caused directly through this not poor old bmd. MTA should get frigging there act together and pump the bloody oil out that we all know is there.
    I feel sorry for Dan at times he’s a real decent guy who helps investors for goodness sake he’s just given £1500 smackers away to 3 of the blog followers not forgetting fa cup and charity shield tickets and he’s sent his blog revenue to our chaps through help4heroes. If there’s any one out there who deserves our respect its this guy.Then there’s the untold fortunes that some have made. I’ve made a nice few quid and like most am more than happy yeah of course there’s always going to be some stocks that don’t go the way they should but its not the blogs fault its the bleeding people in charge of the bloody companies!
    Well done Daniel & good luck to all especially you Jimbo.