Daniel’s Back!

Apologies from here for my absence. Road traffic accident last month at the elephant and castle has resulted in an enforced hospital stay. Broken right  ankle (now pinned) right sided collar bone broken (collar and cuff) facial injuries and general cuts and bruises with a crushed vertebra thrown in for good measure. All in all a crippled left handed typist! Yes some silly woman ran a red light and wrote my Prius off nearly wrote me off too!  The only good point is that two Community beat officers witnessed the accident thank heavens for small mercies! Was released from my Bupa bed tuesday gone and am struggling around the house with help from friends and family. I never realised  how much ones back comes in to play re’ general movement. Can cope with all my injuries the only  one that gives me real gyp is the vertebra.

Just to let you all know that i am still alive and will be back on the floors some time in late may i am still in daily contact with work and will  pass on any nuggets as and when they surface.

Lloyds are going great guns as are GCM,CIRCLE,MINERVA etc etc GKP looks like it is sat on the fence like a big ripe strawberry waiting to be picked!

Vernalis,PYC,PROVEXIS well what can i say you were all warned!


PS Will be basically online most of the next few weeks for most of the day in between my physio sessions!

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  1. miopus says:

    Oh dear, Dan – I wondered where you’d got to. Thought you must be too busy at work. Do hope you don’t feel too bad and good luck with recovery and claim against deranged woman driver. Make sure you do your physio. Very pleased with GCM.

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks Mio i had a real good think about life and all that while i was hospitalised. One minute your here and the next yu can be gne like a wisp in the wind. Gets things into perspective when the jaws of life are needed to prise one out of his car!


  2. stevebuffet says:

    Great to have you back and all in one piece, take things steady and hopefully a speedy recovery.

    Ps As far as GKP is concerned the Strawberry will be rotten by the time its picked going by the static company news todate.

    take care

  3. stiegofthedump says:

    Was she a TRP shareholder?

    Seriously – all the best with your recovery and get us some good gossip!


  4. gizmostart says:

    Sorry to hear of your Hospital troubles, if it helps you, I too have had problems, broken all down the right side since I was 26yrs by a very fast teenager in a too bigger car, thats now 20 years ago, left me with more metal in my body than there is in my car, just before xmas last I had a new hip put in and 5 weeks ago it popped out so I too am in a hip brace so I can sympathise with you BUT, keep battling thats what it’s all about, we’re all here to help the woes, get well soon Dan. Keep us posted on your recovery.

    • Brokerman says:

      Thanks mate.
      Unfortunately my footballing days are over, the ankle snapped and the achilles ruptured i’m the same as you all the injuries are on my right side.


  5. gcchui says:


    Dan, I hope no real damage was done, take care and recover soon.

    You mention you will cover your usual stock and thats great of you, but can you keep your ears open for OPE aswell? I been a while since your last commented on it and any info will really really help.

    Cheers and take care

  6. trystano says:

    Ouch, sorry to here about that, Dan. Hope you make a speedy recovery.

    Reminds me of the accident that happens at the end of the book, City Boy.

    Must say thanks to the MNR tip back before Christmas. Although I never got in until the 77p mark, its done me good of late 🙂

  7. rob0000 says:

    DAN, Was concerned about your wellbeing, Orthopaedic injuries can be very painful,
    A good physio package is crucial post trauma , know a little about this subject !
    I am sure your rehab will go smoothly !! i suspect you will keep very busy catching
    up with all the gossip. AJ are you out there_ thanks for post previous page !
    Re SONGBIRD EST, all is well _ see trades (fri) over 5 million pounds transacted, looking
    good! (HOLD). Re DOMINION PET this one looks like a good investment opportunity!!
    They have a lot going for the them ! Nice to see Tullow oil next door ! I am sure they
    will be watching with great interest ( all kinds of possibilities with this one) I am
    aware that N HUME FT is keen ? I will be adding this to my portfolio .AJ Any more thoughts
    would be appreciated . Rob Wealth warning. Do research before investing.

    • Brokerman says:

      I’ve got to do a whole host of exercises every day shoulder and ankle are well on the mend but my frigging back is giving me real grief. I never realised how much ones back/spine comes into play re’ general movement. Just brushing my teeth brings on spasms. They’ve given me Dyhydrocodeine(DF118) tablets and Ponston 500mg.
      I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor as the bed is too jerky.
      I’ve had 3 accident management companies on the telephone this week alone ambulance chasing. And my company have the cheek to only offer me statutory sick pay! Apparently i’ll get all my lost income etc etc through her insurance.
      Any way thanks for the post i’m off to bed.


    • aj74 says:

      Hi Rob,

      Nice to hear from and its good to see Dan back and I’m sorry to hear of his recent misfortune and wish him a speedy recovery!

      Regarding Dominion Petroleum I’m very excited as there will be two highly significant drills in June the main one being in Uganda at Lake Edward and the other in onshore Tanzania and as such it’s a fairly unique investment opportunity from several different angles. The most significant is that the company also have a substantial interest on the opposite side of Lake Edward in the Democratic Republic of Congo and any success in Uganda could significantly de-risk their assets in the DROC. There also appears as with Songbird Estates to be a serious buyer or buyers as many millions of shares were traded one day last week.

      The recent news of further success for Tullow Oil at Lake Albert in Uganda is also highly positive. It could be the year for Dominion Petroleum and its share price and my other two favourites Gulf Keystone Petroleum and Aurelian Oil & Gas and we mustn’t forget Songbird Estates. We have an exciting few months ahead.