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  1. randalf72 says:

    not in JSG personally but a few colleagues are.

    btw any word yet on daniel stewarts rise?

    oh in the interests of sharing one share I mentioned regards any further info was VGM.

    well the management have had targets for gold extraction of 60k oz this year and 100k oz next year. both targets that if hit should provide a good boost to the sp.

    doing the maths for VGM to achieve their target this year of 60k oz they will have to achieve next years targets due to a relatively disappointing first half of the year.

    recent statements from the CEO suggest they have already exceeded next years targets pro rata and they will be issuing an update before the end of March.

    the board are also actively looking at a dual listing with the toronto exchange that traditionally values gold miners at 17 times p/e.

    the only flies in the appointment seem to be a legacy of poor previous management, including the Lohnro guy Dave Lenigas and a few too many shares in issue (c3.5bn)

    still high risk, DYOR, etc, but any extraction figures around 20k oz along with dual listing news should provide a nice boost to the sp

  2. stevebuffet says:

    Hi Dan

    Thanks for any future info regarding GKP as there is a lot of rumours floating about regarding almost everything, also mentioned in several papers this morning, hope all is well

  3. stiegofthedump says:


    Sorry to go off topic…

    Suprised we have not had an update yet from Optare on the TO talks. Rumours that TAN might be the bidders and that they might be looking to offer paper rather than cash. Have any more news?


  4. miopus says:

    Good news re. GKP RNS.

    EVO must surely feel they backed the wrong horse !!!

  5. miopus says:

    MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc. hereby informs the capital market participants that it has made a discovery in Akri-Bijeel Block in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The Bijell-1 well tested during a short test 3,200 bbl/d 18°API oil and 933,000 scf/d (150 boe/d) associated gas from Jurassic formations. Flowing well head pressure was 420 psi on a choke 48/64”. The total tested interval is 3,646 – 3,831 m. So far, the well penetrated the first 37m of the reservoir only (3,794-3,831m). The estimated total thickness of the potential reservoir is 200-250m.
    The results are under evaluation. After testing the drilling is taking place to the planned total depth 4,330m. At the end of 2010 other exploration well Bekhme-1 is planned in the Akri-Bijeel Block.
    Zoltán Áldott, Executive Vice-President of the Exploration and Production Division commented: “Kurdistan Region of Iraq is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon regions of the world and is one of the main focus areas of MOL’s international upstream activity. MOL is proud that this very promising exploration result proves the validity of the newly developed geological model. This is the latest great success of MOL’s over 75 years E&P experience domestically and internationally in 14 countries, and the great success of the excellent cooperation between the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq and the consortium.”
    MOL, via its 100% subsidiary Kalegran Ltd, signed a Production Sharing Contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq (KRG) on Akri-Bijeel exploration block in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in 2007. MOL is the operator in block with 80% share and Gulf Keystone Petroleum International Ltd is partner with 20% share.

  6. captain patience says:


    Glad you decided to keep blogging.

    I noticed that you created a blog for GCM Resources about a month ago. Do you have any further info on this company. There seems to be alot of talk about this company getting their Phulbari mining licence in April and buying activity has noticeably increased over the last week. J P Morgan also re initiated coverage on this stock therefore I assume something maybe going on in the background.

    Any info would be much appreciated and will not be taken as investment advice.

  7. stevebuffet says:

    Dan still patiently waiting for your GKP update, hope its forthcoming soon as there is plenty of concerned investors out there

  8. miopus says:

    I have just seen what EVO think of GKP. Someone has posted it on LSE Board.

    Would be interested to have your view on here Dan – you must have seen their negative stance, which has annoyed quite a few staunch investors.

    I refuse to invest in any of EVO’s pet shares on principle now.