JSG NEWS. Preliminary Results

Just a quick reminder here to all the JSG holders that the prelim’s  are out on the 9th March this month.

It’s been a tough year for the company and judging by the recent slide in the SP and the Board prouncements of “inline with market expectations” my opinion is that there may be some good news re the debt to below 68 million which has over recent months steadily declined from the dizzy heights of 240+ million!

The Board seem to of finally grasped the nettle here and my opinion based on the last 12 months of company news releases/market news etc, is that JSG are finally turning the corner. Lots of special promotions have been running throughout the year in the dry cleaning business which could see profit from this arm of their business increase.

A slow burner JSG but i expect the SP to be trading much higher this time next year.


All information is based on my research and is in no way an endorsement for this stock.

Investors are strongly reminded to seek professional advice re’ their investments.

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  1. gcchui says:

    Dan, would u agree that your call on optare flopped? ur said a month ago that they are close to an agreement? any updates?