Premier,Nautical,Encore. Update.

News could break tomorrow re’ Premiers’ position on Catcher.

A full disclosure on the Catcher discovery is likely though i can not guarantee it.

You’ll note the fluctuation of the current SP’s of the above companies this is due to expectation of further news on Catcher,oip etc.

I can tell the blogship that price targets for

Nautical are varying from 225p/350p depending on which brokerage notes you read in conjunction with the varying OIP figures.

Encore are targeted for a 100p minimum spike. Cladhan news will push this further.

I personally think that Encore and Nautical will spike much higher than Premier.

A good solid HOLD.

Any dips below 45p for Encore are a must buy. As always please research any investment before you buy. It is your money, not Mine!


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  1. dj says:

    100p Encore spike. do you mean from 54p now to 154p, or from 54p now to 100p? thanks for your wonderful blog.

    • Brokerman says:

      It’s quite simple really; a 100p spike equates to a share price of 100p.
      When a spike is talked about here it usually refers to the SP in totality.


  2. jimmy says:

    I wud imagine he means to £1.00

  3. dj says:

    >>I wud imagine he means to £1.00

    I imagine he meant £1 too, but that is not what he said. Unfortunately, standards of English today are such that it is frequently impossible to understand people, even if they are native speakers of English. People leave units off, or speak in meaningless phrases. I heard on Bloomberg News yesterday that housing is only 2.5% of GDP in the US, down from more than 6%. Was I the only person wondering what was meant? The value of the housing stock? The value of property sales? Or something else. A 100p spike means a spike by, not to, 100p.

  4. Laurence Bristol says:

    dj , BMD puts the blog out to assist PIs not to qualify as a professor of english language ! Who cares ? Would your investment decision be different on whatever price target BMD puts out !

  5. Zombi says:

    Well said Laurence.

    Thanks for the update Dan, i’ve found your blog excellent!

  6. jason says:

    well the initial reaction has certainly been “sell”….

    I do notice Dan that yours posts recently have become more ladened with caveats than earlier ones – are you being cut out the loop somewhere due to your earlier postings?

    Effectively what you posted yesterday contained nothing that an average pi would not have already known…..

    bring back the “inside” knowledge…..

    • Brokerman says:

      Your all making a fundamental error in trying to daytrade these companies when news is lacking. The first caveat on all AIM stock is that they will drift down when news flow dries the trick is to buy low sell high.
      Read the information on Catcher in the Premier operations update today.
      It states that,
      “Premier currently estimates recoverable reserves of 60-100 mmbo for the area drilled to date, with significant untested potential. Further exploration and appraisal drilling on the block has now been added to the 2010 programme, subject to rig availability”.

      What that’s telling the market is self evident, there is FURTHER “untested potential”. It also states that there will be further drilling on Catcher.

      If you can hold your stock through the blips or trade on the ups then you will make good gains on your investment.

      Daytrading is fraught with problems one of which is selling and finding yourself out of the stock when big news hits.

      Good Luck


  7. dj says:

    Dan is trying his best. Another view is always worth taking into account, and so it is worth reading this blog. But forecasts that EO would spike to 100p as a result of PMO’s RNS today were way off the mark. We’re all feeling in the dark here. None of us knows what is going to happen in the future – if I did I would have invested in MATD yesterday. NPE in particular is going to be a LONG slog as a stock – a company that dislikes newsflow, that is not planning anything for months etc. I still think it is a hold, but I personally would sell on the spikes and buy back on the long SP crashes that follow…

    • Brokerman says:

      The price targets quoted are opinions from brokerages when the full extent of the Catcher discovery is known.