Bank of Ireland. Rumours?

Houses Built On Sand

Bank built on sand

I’ve just taken a phone call telling me to watchlist the Bank of Ireland.

Now I don’t know if they’re set to rise or fall but my source’s are telling me that some thing is about to break. I’m posting this information with a warning my opinion is to stay well away from investing ANY money into this God Awful bank.

So  i’m fore-warning the blogosphere before the action begins.

Some thing could be on the cards at the Bank of Ireland.

Keep your eyes on them and for God’s sake don’t invest!



PS It could just as well be nothing! We get many soundings every day but this one has come from a good source. Could be re’ their sub-ordinated debt.

Stay well away!

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  1. Alain says:

    Bank of Ireland offer Fixed Rate Bonds via the UK Post Office. Only recently have they switched to using a UK subsidiary in order to come under the UK guarenteed savings scheme.

    Hope it’s not another Iceland!

  2. pwoodroffe says:


    You know how you used to post new of RNS embargo’s, especially for GKP as I recall.
    Do you have any news of an RNS being lodged for XEL please, there is a rumour going round that one might be released tomorrow concerning the Rowan rig contract.
    Can you see what you can find out si vous plais

  3. miopus says:

    Dan – is this you having a prank ?

    From “longaim” on (BMR)

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum and just have a quick few questions: What is the best way for me to ask a really annoying question? Would you prefer me to ask when the RNS will be due by minute or second? I’d also like to know what the share price will be, Is it best to know this by minute or for end of day or end of year or this time in 20 years? Also I’m wondering what is the best way to learn about this share – I see a lot of people doing really in depth research but I quite like the idea of jumping on the bandwagon and just spouting rubbish – is there any preference or shall I just wing it? Also any share tips? I’m not going to offer anything back and I will blame you if it goes wrong Any answers would be much appreciated

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