Online Blockchain. It’s all coming together. I Buy for the Boom!


Online Blockchain have been quietly going about their business and news has been and is being dampened down, particularly on their mining operation and the on-going negotiations that are always just an RNS away, there are deal/s in negotiations. Such as the Gibraltar Stock Exchange negotiations that were never RNS’d. OK that deal didn’t complete but somewhere along the line a big deal will come off. That is why I hold this stock.

It’s already spiked to £1.85p. And it will no doubt surpass this as the crypto nerds focus in on OBC. (Oil & Gas traders don’t understand this market and should stay away).What those deals are will become apparent IF they’re signed up. Remember, the Chambers ethos is that only ‘signed deals’ are RNS’d, negotiations are not disclosed. (More of which I’ll go into later in this blog).

OBC have now launched five crypto-coins. Buenos, Brazio, Manila, Veggie and the original Plus1 Coin. What most investors haven’t realised is that those five crypto currencies are seeds and look set to net OBC circa $1,000,000+ in Bitcoin forked coins over the next year or so. Each crypto, before it’s launch, is pre-mined. That’s to say that up to 20% of each coin is mined by OBC. I know that Buenos, Brazio Veggie and Manila coins were pre-mined. Now here’s an accountant’s question. Plus1coin has a MC of $250k. So hypothetically now there’s a $50k crypto currency asset. When it goes to $1M that’s $200k. That scenario is the same for each coin that OBC launch.

Like all seeds time is the key. Bitcoin took 8-9 years before it spiked at $20,000 per coin. It’s now $6,000 per coin. The secret of crypto coins is to create a use for the coin. Each of the OBC coins has a user case. Therein lies the development cycle to the increase in value. Each Crypto currency has its own unique development cycle which can take time to work through. You must launch a Crypto that has a use, such as the Brazio coin, that’s been developed for the Brazilian capital markets and each Crypto has a wallet that brings revenue into the company. The more it’s mined the more they make. The Brazio Coin has only recently been released on the Brazilian market and is now tradeable on the Brazilian Crypto Hub Exchange.

Now it has been quite some time since I updated on Online Blockchain (LON: OBC). That’s because information is hard to come across as the Board run a very tight-ship, for reasons best known to most of the quality disruptive techno’ companies they navigate carefully around the City of London, not wanting to draw the attention of the regulators and banks etc. That’s because this technology, Blockchain, is slowly creeping into the financial markets. People and industries especially the Financial industries are nervous about protecting the hegemony that is being slowly eroded.

As for the deals and the way forward for OBC I do know that there’s certain pointers I use, whispers of negoiations, Coin launches, Wallets, Revenue, Warrant exercises, Hash rates etc. One such whisper is that they may have been approached to launch on the Canadian market. That’s important. If OBC take a listing in Canada (TSXV) then this SP will go through the roof, again. Why? Because Canada has two sectors that are world leading, one is Medicinal ‘Weed’ the other is Blockchain/Crypto. The Blockchain companies listed in Canada do so because the Canadian Investors are the most ‘savvy’ in that global sector. The UK Crypto/Blockchain Investor/writer really doesn’t exist. It’s a ‘Hodge Podge’ of traders/bloggers and ne’er-do-wells. People who don’t understand how the sector works and why it’s so boomtastic. I recently had a ‘JawJaw’ with a certain well-known financial writer, who admitted he knew fook all about ‘Blockchain and disruptive tech’. That hasn’t stopped the self-confessed ‘dilettante’ from opining on OBC. Lot of dis-information has been spewed out on the Chambers Crypto/Blockchain play. From people who admit they don’t have a ‘Scooby Doo’ about the tech’. Their ignorance has been my gain. I now hold circa 100,000 shares. I await the boom and boom it will…..

At the time of writing the SP is circa 40p. That’s the basic reflection of the fundamentals but not of their potential to multi-bag on any given RNS.

Get researching and use the opportunity to learn. It’s better to be in front of the Blockchain wave instead of chasing it.

Hold for news. My spider senses are tingling. News will come.





















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  1. Zak Mir says:

    OBC and BlockCommodities going to list in Canada from speculation get ready for multi bagging come the Autumn ! Buy as much as possible on both stocks i have done a chart and its UP