One Last Big Push! Woodlarks Charity Walk! Come On! Support This Wonderful Charity. #KARMA Will Reward You!

Woodlarks Camp SiteOn Saturday 28th July I take on the mammoth task of hiking 33 miles over the South Downs from the Gatwick Gusher that never gushed to Woodlarks camp site for the disabled with my fellow bloggers and erstwhile comrades Lucien Miers & Tom Winnifrith. I had been training extremely hard but as always life doesn’t deal from a straight deck. My training has been somewhat set back by personal family crises as has my correspondence, meetings and email. As for the telephone well, I’ve rarely answered calls because most of the time it’s been in-appropriate to do so. Even though I don’t like hospitals, chapels of rest or churches for that matter. (They are places of pain & sorrow) I do respect them and answering a mobile umpteen times a day at either of them isn’t the done thing. If you still haven’t donated or are thinking of supporting this super off the radar Great British charity then Click Here

As some of you may, or may not, be aware life can kick you in the teeth and the ‘House of Levi’ has had several hard kicks in the face, of late. The last ten days has been difficult, not on the share front but on an emotional level. Two sisters in critical care within days of one another has sent me & the family into overdrive, as the clan, dispersed through-out the UK, Eire, USA & beyond, gathered for what was in all likelihood a double funeral…. Suffice it to say that one is slowly recovering, while one has passed away.

Annette was my disabled sister who had been wheel chair bound for over 3 years. I was very close to her, being one of the only people who never gave up on me while I was at Her Majesty’s hotels for the criminally minded….  So, it’s with her memory in mind that I will, ‘come hell or high water’ walk 33 miles for the greater good that is the Woodlarks charity camp site for the disabled. A strange twist of fate, that isn’t lost upon me.Image may contain: 3 people, outdoor and closeup

Now I know that you lot are a hard bunch to convince when it comes to parting with money. As an example I got an email yesterday that stated the walk was a ‘conjob’ & me and TW would be ‘divyng up the cash’ between ourselves….. Just what makes people come out with such ludicrous, malicious statements is more a testament to their mind-set than 3 guys and ALL the traders/investors/companies who’ve supported/donated their hard earned cash to help children/adults who’ve been dealt a shitty hand in life. Each and everyone of you should be quietly proud of what you’ve collectively achieved here! For it is you that has made the charity walk a success.

Our target of £20,000 is stunningly close. To say I am over-whelmed by the generosity & humanity of those who have helped, regardless of how big or small the donation, or their personal peccadillos on myself, is an under-statement. I know Tom & Lucien have been going all out to get this over the line, while I have been coming to terms with the loss of Annette.

Now that I’m nearly back on emotional track, having had a shave, wash, a good meal and several teary moments, if there’s any one out there who has been wavering on donating then do try and help us get this to its target, it’s all good Karma. And make no mistake it will come back many fold on judgement day. It could quite literally save your soul and tip the balance that opens the gates to paradise for yourselves. I myself will not be entering paradise, being black-balled from a very early age, so there’s no worries on that score. HELP HERE


Many thanks to all who’ve supported thus far. It’s time to give yourself a pat on the back.








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