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No Responses

  1. danny says:

    LOL ! I imagine it is due to this wonderful recommendation of yours that the site seems to very quiet of late.
    The disgruntled masses must have moved on.

    • Brokerman says:

      I think you’ll find that the vast majority of visitors to the blog remains unchanged. There are no “disgruntled masses” Genuine investors accept and understand the ups and downs of investing. However people like you who post sniping comments always seek to blame elsewhere. It’s more of a reflection of your sad character that you think it’s “LOTS OS LAUGHS” that matra are struggling to bring home the oil in place.
      Tut tut.


      • joseph says:

        agreed dan,this is no laughing matter.But matra need to start delivering , one or two confident updates wouldnt do any harm.We need plans and solutions not silence from the board.

  2. Joseph says:

    Here waiting for the trap door to open .

  3. Rosalimacat says:

    Hi Dan
    Whilst your waiting on MTA,
    You could always give us an update on BZT.

  4. mta says:

    fair play dan. The fundementails will pull through here and u will be proven correct! I have heard from a few ppl that the artifice production has started and oil and water tanks move away from site. I expect a workover to fix the issue soon? The good thing is that vat refund will help with money 🙂

  5. Lt says:

    With the best will in the world the Matra BoD’s will not spill any beans at all – they can’t even spill oil!!!! I wish they could. It is a case of wait and see. I think the SP will remain suppressed until either MTA sprout a leak or official A12 production news is released. (PG, becoming religious now!!) Or of course Delek take ’em out!!!

  6. MikeST says:


    you certainly do sound disgruntled mate, tell you what you should do (as you’re most likely invested in MTA too), you should sell up and get out of this company.

    that will show the rest of us sitting on paper losses the best thing to do, sell up and then tell us and how much you’re certain to make investing your remaining monies elsewhere + take a few parting shots at the BMD Blog cause that always fixes these pesky companies that don’t have rocking share prices and have operational difficulties, additionally doing so will disprove the OIP + 20 year production licence.

    thanks goodness blokes like you are around to help the rest of us out, with nuggets of wisdom like your comment above…