Alba Mineral Resources. Not A Fooking! Gain? #Placing!

Most followers of the HorseHilster companies will be eagerly watching the group of companies that have various slices of the Horse Hill pie. Not least because they always place. That’s because none of them have any production whatsoever worth a hill of beans and cash is as we know critical. Hence the UKOG Death Spiral that is currently smashing the Mug retail punters every time there’s a Death Spiral CONversion.

So who will be the next to place?

It’s known by this site that their is a strategy on organised placings in-order of seniority. They all work together and they all piss in the same pot when it comes to raising cash and massively over-promoting. That’s certainly not fair on the ‘Average Joe’ so we here always try to level the playing field and get the news out in the interests of fair play. I mean we’re British and we unlike the shysters running these Aussie outfits don’t tamper with our balls to gain an advantage! It’s just not cricket!!!!

So without further adoo doo doo there’s a whisper/s of a big discounted Placing underway at Alba Mineral Resources (LON: ALBA) Now it ‘s unconfirmed as it’s come from 2 different unconnected sources. I only confirm when I get 3 sources (unconnected). Such is the stringent criteria of ‘Yours Truly’

You’ll all know them as a company that has consistently failed to do any thing other than create wealth for their Board and the usual corporate hangers-on. Ostensibly what Alba are saying is that this placing is to help to fund ‘Greedland’. But in reality it’s to help them fund their #HH share of the bill and pay themselves their corporate fees.

What better way of keeping the lights on by getting the Mugs to pay the bills…


Remember you heard it here first on the UK’s favourite iconoclastic anti-City of Mammon blog!





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