BigDish IPO? BigPiss! Market Spoof Of An App! Avoid! Like Salmonella!

This has got to be one of the most ridiculous IPOs in the recent history of the London Stock Markets Standard List: BigDish Ventures Inc. An outfit that operates out of the third world that’s South East Asia.

What is BigDish? At first I thought it was a tech’ radar electronics thingamabob. Sadly, no, it turns out that the Shysters currently engaged in ramping to fook this POS pre IPO on podcasts, videos, twitter & social media in general, have ‘Ulterior Motives’, some have got pre IPO seed capital shares, which will be dumped into the listing from day one. Now ‘some’ advice for the lumpen-proletariat on IPOs. Not all are shite. If you take part or are invited to take part then you better get researching before you ‘part’ with your cash. A good place to start would be the London Stock Market Rules on IPO

Or for a cross-over of the tricks of the IPO listers/traders THE USA SEC

Seed IPO

Now where was I? Ahh… Some are being paid and some have taken stock in lieu of fees, which will, like the pre-seed IPOers, get dumped. More disconcerting, some have been trying to sucker in certain well known high net worths, obviously failing to declare that they’re getting a slice of the BigDish placing Pie (5%/10%). There are more red flags on BigDish than I can list. One of the biggest is unsolicited telephone calls from the CEO to you! Well I never…. as ‘good’ a reason’s as any to avoid the ‘spoof’ & the mug retail punters howling how super is this ‘Turkish delight’.

So exactly what is BigDish? Here’s what the Hardman Research paid for promotion (Bumf) beguiles the mugs with: “BigDish Plc is an early-stage revenue-generating technology company that has developed a yield management platform for the restaurant industry”. And here’s the absolute ludicrous ‘Spin’ from the company; “BigDish Ventures, an international leader in restaurant yield management platforms”…. Such technobabble….

Leading International Company?

‘International leader’ in what you may ask? Considering that there’s plenty of complaints online from former & current employees who’ve not been paid I’d like to ask exactly how BigDish can perpetuate this ‘BigPorky?’. The truth is that BigDish are a tiny, micro company never heard of in the UK, Europe or indeed the USA or any where outside of Hong Kong, Jakarta or the Philippines. That’s it. Hands up all those who’ve used BigDish & booked a table in Jakarta?

So, Mr Bishop or the other numpty, Mr Boer, can you explain why you’re deliberately misleading UK mug retail punters into thinking that you’re the head of a leading International company? When quite clearly it isn’t. Your international leading claims are laid bare by the 60 or so followers BigDish has on twitter. As for Facebook, lets be like others, and not go there as most people don’t. And  as for ‘Hangon Henry’ Grant, he worked as a regional UK Manager for Just Eat & left Just Eat a full two years BEFORE the IPO. So let’s have some sanity in your bullshit ramptastic over-promotion.

I mean the next thing you’ll be telling us is that the PeterHouse flop (Remember that name) BlueBird Merchant Ventures is a Global leading mining company…..  You do remember that one don’t you? (You’re an executive director of BlueBird) Ramped to fook by ShareProphets before the ‘BigFalling’ out…. who no doubt you’ve been ‘chatting with’. What’s brought this blog  on is the covert ‘whispering campaign’ on BigDish and their CEO making cold-calls to punters.

Careless Whispers….

Despite ‘BigDishing‘ them up on twitter retweeting the ‘Guff’ of ShareTalk. Tom Winnifrith emphatically denies he has in any way shape or form, directly or in-directly got a vested interest. So, ‘BigTom’ needs to put to bed the whispering campaign being run to help the IPO that he has taken coin/shares and is backing ‘BigPiss’. Have these two platforms received any money/shares from BigDish in-directly or directly? It’s a Valid question. I think we all know the answer; one of them is taking ‘coin’ and one of them is being used/mooted as taking ‘coin’. If you make payment or take payment from a company or have an ‘interest’ then you should declare it.  Declaring payment or an interest doesn’t mean it’s bad. It simply means you’re being straight with punters. With-holding that information means the opposite.

So I ask again exactly what is BigDish? It’s a discount restaurant App. I shit you not! That’s it folks! A common-garden discount food App.

Now ten years ago it might have been all the rage, but this pony is a tired pony. In-fact it’s a donkey. The corporates who ‘cooked up’ this jolly venture are right now trying to get the ‘inGREEDients’ (Cash) for the ‘recipe’ (IPO) right, for the Standard List IPO . The roadshow doing the rounds in the City of Mammon is seeking over £10,000,000. They’d be better off opening their own restaurant chain! Most of that £10 Million is going to go into the pockets of the Board!  Expect a regular appearance of the ‘begging bowl’. Mug punters on the Broker sucker lists will be exhorted to ‘Dish’ out more cash….

One may rightly ask what makes this ‘App’ any different from the hundreds if not thousands of other ‘cheapo food’ Apps that circumnavigate the super information highway? You know like Groupon, OpenTable, Quandoo, Kayak,, Michelin,,,,, Just Eat, Tastecard etc.etc etc. The market is literally ‘overcooked’ with thousands if not tens of thousands of booking Apps for restaurants, theatres, cafes, cinemas, hotels, takeaways; the list is endless. The bubble has burst on food booking ‘Apps‘. It burst a long time ago…. To be quite frank there’s only one good point I can make on BigPiss. ‘Hangon’ Henry Grant. That’s it!

So I ask again what’s the difference? Well the answer to that is there is no difference other than going to an empty eaterie because that’s when you get a discount! Yes you go for a ‘bite’ when the restaurant is empty because no fooker is there…. Business model my arse! It’s like a vampire going to the graveyard for a desiccated picnic.

BigDish has never made a profit in a stretch of Sundays covering over four years since it was first launched and it will more than likely struggle to be in profit for the foreseeable future and I don’t mean a few months. Years… After 4 years revenue is minimal. There’s yet another big red flag on the business model.  The King Kong Fuku restaurant is empty. No one eats there between 2pm-7pm, Fuku gives a 50% discount to get the mug punters in. 3 weeks later Fuku is now rammed to the gills. Just try getting your 50% discount now. Answer, Fuku…. Can you see the flaws in the business model? U only get a discount cause the eaterie is empty and it’s empty because more often than not the food is shite. Good restaurants don’t give 50% discounts. Bad ones do! They can’t make cash in South East Asia. Hence why ‘BigPiss’ is now over here trying to raise cash.

It’s nailed on 100% that they will seek to raise cash post IPO at every availability. Those currently rubbing greasy hands with the plethora of seed stock, locked in or not, will be hastily dumping asap.  Par for the course I’m afraid…. A lot of IPOs are an exit strategy for those that have got ‘Mates Rates’.

If these jokers contact you ask them exactly who they’re paying to ramp on twitter and social media then ask them how many of the P&Ders have got discounted stock. If you want to know who they are just look at those ramping it online pre IPO.

This is the BigDish that Nyota Minerals were seeking to take over. Yes the PeterHouse Corporate Finance flop. That Reverse Takeover crashed & burned and we all know what happened to Nyota… Which doesn’t explain why a mining company wanted a restaurant App instead of a mine? Or does it? Maybe the Peterhouse/Nyota Shysters were after an exit….. Here’s a question, has PeterHouse got seed pre IPO Stock? It’s ‘Mates rates’ all round.

BigDish? BigPiss! Big Carve Up! Avoid!








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3 Responses

  1. JessieT says:

    I have seen the nonsense being talked on this one Dan. #Bargepole. It’s going to tank when the puppets pulling the strings bail.

  2. Paul. says:

    Love these exposes. Especially when Greek TW hovel gets a mention. Thanks.

  3. MR BIG says:

    Optivasecurities are said to be involved it’s the barber shop boiler room ! Let’s do a runner now