The Secret Nomad….

There’s never a dull moment when you’re researching investments. I’ve alluded to ‘The Secret Nomad’ once or twice in a few of my epistles. It would seem that some-one or one of the regulated companies has stole my line “The Secret Nomad”. More to that they’ve registered a domain and launched a website. It really does take the biscuit. The absolute cheek of it! I found this site yesterday when I noticed a new twitter follower…..

The Secret Nomad

But what’s rather interesting is that the articles published by The Secret Nomad (TSN) tend to show that it’s either a real or maybe a retired Nomad or some one who has a vastly superior knowledge of the Markets than most of us. Myself & SharepProphets will obviously be following TSN very closely….

What’s even more interesting is that if I know the FCA & AIM regs they’ll be all over this like a cheap suite. As will the financial press.

The City of Mammon will not want one of their own turning Rogue & going off the reservation, spilling the beans as to what goes on behind the veil……



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