On-Line Blockchain. ‘Buckle Up’. ‘News will come in April’.

Just what in the name of jumping Jehovah is going on at On-Line Blockchain ( LON: OBC)? The reticence of the great Clem Chambers, cannot be fathomed or can it?

We know there’s news being held back on all fronts for all sorts of reasons, such as confidentiality on potential partners, Blockchain propitiatory fears, Nomad fears of yet more calls from the London Exchange on huge spikes in their SP. Fear of giving out the address of their industrial crypto mining operation some where North of London… New coin/s development with possible partners.

The whisper of a secure Blockchain network being developed for companies to locate and track their products is yet another whisper I got to hear of yesterday from a very reliable source. It looks to me like the fall in SP  has been deliberate; cooled off. But eventually the heat and excitement will be reignited by a spark. And it will only take one spark to explode this SP. Which is why I hold a real hefty chunk.

Those in the know on all things Blockchain will also realise that the fall in value of Bitcoin hasn’t helped. There can be no doubt that the OBC SP is also tied to Bitcoin value. The chart above explains it rather succinctly. The OBC share-price is currently hitched to the crypto currency market. The Bitcoin price which is over-lapped with the OBC share-price is a virtual mirror of the roller-coaster but like all roller-coasters, eventually it will climb and repeat Ad-infinitum.

Lot of people are currently pissed off and in the doldrums. If trading/investing effects you to such an extent then you should sell out and invest in premium bonds. Blockchain isn’t for the faint hearted. Some of the emails pinged over to me containing the squeals of delight attacking OBC by the moronic pig squealers on twitter and London South East are about as far away from reality as Donald Trump, but no less entertaining.. Buckle up. News will be released this month.

Any thing under £1 here is terrific value, when the news starts to come and Bitcoin starts to rise then a target of £3-£5 is on the cards.

A point worth remembering here, the people who run this company have major skin in the game:  C Chambers 1,529,364 shares, M Hodges 1,365,642 shares.   They’re more than happy to hold which should tell you that all is going according to THEIR plan and not ours…





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23 Responses

  1. Advfnner says:

    Good piece Danno.

    Next news should help to give the SP some clout. The difference between OBC & the toss-pots running life-style companies can be seen in the amount of RNS releases. OBC don’t do empty rampy tee-ramps. Clem only works 24 seven behind the scenes bringing real value. Then one day the news is released + it’s Bingo. Massive move up in share price value.

  2. Pete says:

    I wish it was all true and sincerely hope it is for every investor. My gut feeling though is you don’t release news when there is no news and Clem Chambers biggest target is which bottle of red to open each night. Where has the million pound raised gone?? Until I see some actual roadmap or news I have an awful feeling of dread.

    • Dan Levi says:

      Best you go with your gut then. I’m more than happy here. The news is on its way.

  3. Pete says:


    Just counting down your now 10 day prediction that all this news will be a coming in April.. just like The Gibraltar news in January eh which never came of anything or the pre xmas ramping you gave which you guessed it never came of anything. I like the Phillipines quote in the last post.. that’s a new one.. 10 days till the end of April tick tock tick tock

  4. Pete says:

    Can’t wait for the rns first thing tomorrow announcing the phillipino deal!!! .. 7 days from tomorrow and counting.. tick tock tick tock

  5. Pete says:

    The markets don’t lie.. OBC down 15% on the most flimsy of forced RNS’s.. As I said no real roadmap just waffle again on cryptos, no Gibraltar tie in, no idea how to use blockchain tech to approach businesses to really make money. Do you know the market leader in blockchain tech? Maybe write a piece on them as they seem to understand how to harness the blockchain for real business use. As I said before lifestyle ceo.. now where has that £1 million gone?

  6. Paul. says:

    Erm. It’s the last working day of April. News in April? None yet.

    • Dan Levi says:

      FFS! This is the kind of shite that has me in guffaws of laughter. Suggest U check the RNS that dropped a few days ago LOL!!!

      • Paul. says:

        Actually I haven’t seen the RNS but from some of the posters it’s dreadful. In other words no big shakes. “no billions I tell ya”.

        • Dan Levi says:

          Well actually you stated there was NO rns, time had run out etc. So your completely wrong. There was an RNS. Just because it didn’t set the SP on fire isn’t a valid reason to say there was no RNS or to discount it. rns in April RNS came… Slam dunk correct.

  7. Paul. says:

    I did not say there was no RNS, just I haven’t seen it. The first I heard was from some of the moron posters. Anyway waiting on just four pounds. Nothing more.

  8. Pete says:

    If this ever goes to £2-£3 I will eat my ….
    No news, lifestyle ceo enjoying the million on us mugs

  9. Paul. says:

    Still buckled up here.

  10. Paul. says:

    Two to three pounds I tell ya.

  11. Pete says:

    How’s that million pound being spent that was raised? Still never explained

  12. Pete says:

    Still no reply from you on your thoughts about how the million pound might / is being spent. On another note after you heard so many whispers at the start of the year about a Gibraltar Exchange tie up or possible Philipino deal do you feel your journalistic integrity has taken a significant hit as there has been absolutely no mention, no news or clues to exactly how OBC are harnessing the exciting blockchain future. Look forward to your reply.. you have gone very quite on all your whispers

    • Dan Levi says:

      Very busy. I should imagine that OBC are using their cash to progress their business in crypto-mining and development etc. Wheeling and dealing for deals in the Blockchain space. We know they’re in negotiations with several companies at any one time. Problem is they don’t RNS it. I believe this is the approach favoured by their Nomad & the AIM regulation team. Staying under the radar etc

  13. Paul. says:

    They’ve RNS today. Nothing. No news in April, may, or June. When shall I unbuckle?

  14. Pete says:

    The company is a joke… every time they do an RNS like today the shares drop 25% which gives an indication of how the market views their ‘news’
    Dan you still havnt answered my question on your whispers of a ‘Gibraltar Exchange link up’ you wrote about on quite a few occasions.. what’s happened to that or was it all part of the ramping game?