On-Line Blockchain PLC. Is it going to the Moon? Try Mars! ‘Whispers’ of ‘Collaborations’

It’s looking very good for investors in the only genuine United Kingdom London Stock Market AIM Blockchain play. On-Line Blockchain PLC.  (LON: ONL). The new ticker OBC.

Rumours of collaborations with a stock exchange and potential gaming exchanges re’ production of Blockchain technology have reached your’s truly. I’ve literally been made persona non grata by the bods at ADVFN. And banned from trying to get a chat with them. That tells me all I need to know….. The next three months could see major movement on news and Blockchain collaborations.

Now I think I may know the actual stock exchange however because I’ve been given 3 different ones from 5 different sources I will not disclose it, particularly as it could ‘nause’ the deal etc. But I can confirm that my sources indicate that it’s not the London Stock Exchange. But it may or could be a european exchange. I’ve communicated with the three exchanges and basically been told to politely ‘Fcuk Orf’. Whether there’s a mis-communication between sources and a cross over re’ gaming exchanges can’t be deciphered. Chinese Whispers usually hold some truth. There’s definitely news afoot. When is the question.

Investors shouldn’t be at all surprised if the whispers, some of which also indicate possible collaborations with ‘Gaming Exchanges’ come to fruition bearing in mind the quality of the people running this company and their Global reach and business connections. For instance we do know that ADVFN work closely with the NEX Exchange.. Now that isn’t a leading hint it’s just a fact given to show that their reach is very far and wide.

The low-key ‘keep off the radar’ mentality of the OBL board, as well as their integrity in running a tight ship within the City of London is well-known. When news comes, whatever that news is, it will come out of the blue. We will get nothing from the Company. It’s in total Lock Down!

So far their Plus1 Coin has now been rolled out via 2/3, 000,000 crypto wallets on ADVFN. The coin is now also being traded on ‘Trade Satoshi’. You can exchange it for Bitcoin. That’s basically free money… Will the vote up system be rolled out by other media organisations? Are there plans to reach out to different mediums? We just don’t know but reading the RNS’s gives a hint that this is a possibility that may be quietly in negotiation. There’s a new website a new PR/IR installed and a new Nomad.. Things are hotting up…. The Market Cap’ of this Company is massively undervalued. It should be a minimum of £25M. And somewhere along the Blockchain rollercoaster it will hit it and fly past it! Remember it’s a volatile Blockchain rollercoaster ride but ultimately it always keeps trending up and has done so since 13p a share…..

The revolution that is Blockchain has begun. This company could be trading at multiples of where it is now on any news that drops. Target £3/£4 with the potential to hit £10 on any news of a developement/collaboration with any Gaming or Stock Exchange, even the Iranian Tehran TSE exchange!!!! It’s going to go mental on news.






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