Here we go yet again Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG) CEO the lying deceiving scumbag Matt Lofgran, the man who shorts his own company and pays a self-confessed drug dealer to write his RNS’s has released another ‘corker’ today!  The druggie boy is now and has been ramping to fook on twitter and his no google ranking ‘valuethemarkets’ website, bought from that other ‘credible market coNmentator Mikey the strangler, shouting from the rooftops what is quite frankly wholesale lies and fraud to pump up NTOG pre placing.

Apparently there’s been an increase in the oil reserves at one of his Stripper Well assets. Pine Mills. You’ll recall what stripper wells are? Wells at the end of their economic life.

The scam being perpetrated here has been going on for so long it’s now an open, running, pus filled sore on the AIM market.

Future potential upside in the Woodbine-Wagoner;
The Tom Pepper of Tom Peppers is that there’s  “1.39 million barrels gross recoverable “Possible” reserves, “Internal assessment” based on an existing independent study” At 3.5 barrels of oil a day because that’s what is being produced per stripper well at Pine Mills, it would take 100yrs to extract the fantasy figures ‘Heralded ‘ today. It’s a big fat pre-placing whopper!!

I draw your attention to the three words. One is ‘possible’ the other two are ‘Internal Assessment’  The translation is thus ‘possible’ because we can’t say definitely because we have no data whatsoever to prove it. ‘Internal Assessment’ This is what WE are saying IN-ORDER TO RAMP THE SP. Wholesale bullshit.

Of course what they’re not saying is that there’s no cash and the company is in debt to their own Directors who now basically have to fund the business because no sensible investor would touch it with a bargepole. The only people in this travesty of a ‘Tale Tale’ are the Pump & Dumpers, who basically dictate the SP etc.

Now we can all see the P&D going on here. For instance the 53% Permian play $40,000 field ‘Twin Well’ drill. Being spun as a major oil find. This is a ‘Stripper Well’ that will produce circa 35bopd at best!!! 53% of that is about 18 barrels of oil. Of course the delay in the official numbers is caused because yet again this is a stripper well and needs critical care to get it producing.

When the ‘scores on the doors ‘ are released there’s going to be an almighty crash back to reality here.


You have all been warned….





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  1. Rosewall says:

    Pos. Company is a disgrace should be shut down. Ponzi company. No oil. Infestation of tampers and dump pumpers