Nostra Terra Oil & Gas TwinWell Gusher? My Arse!!!!

Today is a wake up call for all the Mug punters who are currently ramping that well-known POS Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG). Run by that well-known shyster the shorting CEO and proven scumbag Matt Lofgran. Who by the way pays the likes of Druggie boy Mr Matty Ben(t) Turney share-holder cash to write their RNS’s etc. Apparently they’ve struck oil at their Permian basin twin well drill……. Turney and his CONpadres have been bigging up the oil deliberately mis-leading the gullible and naive.

Now a word of caution to those who’re running with this ‘Jackanory’.  Here’s a question that some seem to avoid answering. Just what do you get for $40,000 in the US onshore oil and gas market? Well here’s the answer. Stripper wells. Yes you get 53% of a stripper well field.

Now anyone who thinks that a well that has basically already been drilled by previous operators who decided to offload 53% of their field for $40K is a life changing gusher is in for a big kick in the teeth.

Ramping Bullshitter Lofgran!

The rule of thumb in the O&G space is thus; when a company hits a gusher they get the news out immediately. Because it is deemed by their Nomad, to be material and market sensitive. When as we’ve seen many times over many years, Such as #Angus Energy, #Range Resources, #UKOG #Mosman etc. A company doesn’t release the ‘Scores on the doors’ they prevaricate then that’s because the delay is caused ‘because’ the numbers are ‘Piss Poor’. When you’re involved with ‘PissPoor’ delays are caused by ‘artificial lift’ processes, pump jacks (Nodding Donkey) having to slurp up as much of the stripper well dregs as possible.

The numbers on previous production are circa 3.5bopd yes an earth shattering three and a half barrels of oil per day from the whole of the lease. So let’s just forward think this even at 100bopd #Shyster Lofgran get’s 53bopd which sharply declines. But in reality the company are telling people 25-35 bopd so 53% of 25-35bopd is what? Yes exactly not very much. Which is exactly what one gets for $40K in the good old USA!


You have all been warned.






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