14/10-6 Appraisal Well Rockhopper News!

Sea lion

The scent of oil?

There’s a lot of speculation running rife  that the 14/10-6 Appraisal Well Spud on the 15 July last month could be a mixed bag of news. Trying to read the runes here is becoming increasingly difficult. Apparently no significant oil shows as yet have been encountered. That’s the official version. Now rather than pour cold water on the drill its to be remembered that this is an appraisal well outside of what the company considers the minimum case area. The drill is thought to be ahead of schedule with no technical glitches. It’s only speculation coming from one of our contacts who has so far called every one of the drills correctly. However his rumour is that the company are confident of progressing the well to its logical conclusion. The oil being targeted is expected to be in a thinner oil reservoir/column, so says the company. It is known by the Blog that Rockhopper are in the last quarter of the drill. So news could come in the next 10 days or so.  My gut feeling is to go with the company line as they have basically been a success story. They should hit more oil. I did speak to (via email) several contacts on Monday their feeling is that the data gleaned from this drill could prove to be significantly more valuable in delineating the  Sea Lion discovery over the longer term than actual oil in place.

So it’s eyes on here but please remember that the whole Global economy is currently a blood-bath so even if there’s a massive strike which is on the cards, RKH will not spike as it should. Only my opinion of course!



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  1. Steven.H says:

    I don’t know how you put up with these morons Dan.
    Some people clearly can not understand plain English.
    Dan your wasting your time with peeps like these they are obviously thick as pig poo.

    The article is telling peeps that it’s a mixed bag of news coming from the drill not that theres a massive spike! James You dumbass…..

    • PETER says:

      Steven, please do not be rude, thank you

      i appreciate it thanks :0) rude is bad BTW

  2. Paul Knight says:

    No point putting any money into anything at the moment with the state of the AIM market. Fingers crossed it will turn soon. I’m down so much money but am going to stand firm. I think things will look rosier in a month or two…. Hopefully.

    Question is, where has all the money gone? Everyone was flush a few years ago. Now every country is in debt?

    Has all the money gone to China?

  3. OILBUG says:


    I think you spoke to your contacts on Monday as stated. There would be no oil shows yet until wednesday as this would be the time when the drill entered the top reservoir also no major cores till next week.

    This drill is targeting lower fans as the main prospect anyway of which was highlighted on the conference call “a spoon shape no faults from 14/10-4”

    other aspects live oil was recovered at the old shell well 3000m outside the sea lion prospect so depth is not the issue re OWC.

    Hope it helps add to your post nice to be back !!!!!!!!

    • Brokerman says:

      I’ve had a lot of info on the drill and it’a a mixed bag Oilbug . Some are saying that the cores are charged while others are saying that there’s no shows (as of Monday gone). It’s an appraisal well not a discovery. So long as the company are happy then that’s what really counts. There’s got to be some form of oil there it’s only 4km away from the main sea lion discovery. Common sense really even if it’s only migrated leakage!


  4. OILBUG says:


    can you do another RKH update next week ?

    latest rkh testing team going out to OG this weekend for no oil or shows i think not.