Desire Petroleum. Failed Hope Washed up on a Barren Shore!

Failure (King Missile album)

Head for Matra Petroleum!

It has to count as one of the biggest mystery’s in the city of London why Private Investors continue to throw money into this company? The present value is about 7p. The company have completely and utterly failed at every major turn yet Investors still pile in. The oil to water debacle plus the Director shenanigans should have red-flagged this company for you. Forget the fact that they have never hit oil on any of their plays. It is an internet lead balloon fueled by nonsense and desperation. Why in the name of God would Rockhopper pay 50p for Desire stock? If and it is an “if” Rockhopper wanted this company they could get it for next to nothing ! Worthless in my opinion! You have all been warned! If you want to actually make some gains then I strongly suggest that ALL desire holders desert this ship and research Matra Petroleum. A terrific little oiler sat on a real lake of Urals Blend oil!



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  1. Pilesh says:

    Fantastic post Dan, I’ve fallen of my chair laughing, I can’t help but cringe when I saw Desire SP climb yesterday and today it’s sinking as it should do.

    Like Dan said get on Matra real company, real oil……….

  2. Ben says:

    never a truer word said…


  3. Doubting Thomas Today says:

    Is this simply a case that inexperienced private investors think that when a share price drops so much it will surely bounce before retracing again…

    Certainly enough of them clubbed together to hold it up and then with the Directors tiny buys off it went…

    I guess they were right eh?

    Mmmm, more luck than judgement though and i guess the retrace was inevitable as the speculative bounce lost its steam. Not sure it will get as low as 7p Dan as i think people sitting on huge losses will just put it in the bottom drawer for a few years and hope eventually it will rise again… I suspect there success now may depend on the success of other oiles in the area.

  4. Raj says:

    This company is a absolute joke. the bod must be some kinda miracle workers turning oil in to water. any ways Dan circle oil seems to puzzle me . they came up with a upgrade of resources yesterday now they have 49% more than they had previously but the share price does not reflect this . why could this be ??? is there any potential in this company.

  5. Athik says:

    Absolutely agree with you captain Dan…
    Desire Pet is a total JOKE!!

  6. Athik says:

    100% agreed!!

  7. Anton Gully says:

    I’d have been more impressed if you’d posted this two days ago. Kinda easy to be right after the event. We talked about DES in the comments of one of the MATRA posts back on Tuesday.

    • Brokerman says:

      Well actually Anton you’ll find that this has been posted several times before. Well before this latest nonsense started. Check back through the archive. Then again you obviously weren’t paying attention!


  8. paul says:

    I have been amazed as well, how on earth did this ever manage to reach 20p! based upon what?. I kept watching the SP rise thinking what it was that everyone was seeing. And surely at some point in the future (if there is one) there will be a round of fund raising.

  9. DT says:

    got to love the FI drillers, Falkland Piss&Wind, Disaster Petroleum and Rockhitter. All the “Hoo-Haa” from the Argies over Malvinas… They can bloody keep the drilling rights.

  10. DT says:

    You have to admire the front of the Malvinas failures, having hit nothing but water and igneous clusters, they still come back to the market for more and worse still, its Retail business that keeps them going, poor saps… 45m shares in 1.5 sessions on Disaster Petroleum and Falkland Piss’n’Wind stagnant in the low 60’s. You have to ask who’s taking the other side?

  11. B0GiE-uk- says:

    I’m in Matra Dan. It beggars belief how DES with no oil has jumped up so much lately and Matra with a confirmed 1000+ bopd has dropped by nearly half.

    I do not understand how this can be. Are the markets really manipulated this badly? It must be pure criminal how the ordinary investor is fleeced by these crooks.

  12. Dan says:

    Never a truer word spoken on DES . All hype no substance .worthless IMO
    Compare to my investment in max petroleum who keep finding oil for fun and are fully funded and 8 weeks away from drilling the deeps going after 1 billion barrels .
    Far better investment than mantra if I am totally honest With as much no bias as one can have when already invested .

    I cannot think of a better risk v reward oil play over the next 6 months . Yet the II piled in at 17p a few months ago and now you can buy them for 13p. Absolute bargain. But I am scratching my head every bit of good news the last 5 oil strikes in the last 6 months and it keeps tanking . I know the big hedge funds used to love max when she was 200p before the director scandal
    Funny because it was 200p when max wasn’t even producing or had 5 oil strikes under the belt. Now doing 5m per month revenue . Head scratching stuff , should be at least 50p on the shallow portfolio alone .
    And if they strike on the deeps in 8 weeks then over £1 easy . IMHO

  13. Isaac says:

    what happened Dan,you couldnt stop talking about you have gone quiet

    • Brokerman says:

      If you go back through the Archives you’ll find that we announced a change of emphasis on the Blog from the North sea oilers and decided to concentrate on russian/eastern european oil plays. Unfortunately a North sea oil tax hit has and iseffecting these companys coupled with the usual ups and downs of drilling/cprs/ and general exploration hiccups. I still hold encore exel Nautical residuals as with gkp. All are free carries.


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