Ascent Resources Shareholder Action Group Launched!

Today I am launching the Ascent Resources (LON: AST) Shareholder Action Group. If you are a genuine investor then it is time to get organised and exert your influence on this Board. AST shareholders need a voice.

If you want to join up then please email Provide your Name, Address, Holding and a contact telephone number. Change is coming to Ascent so make sure your voice is heard!


Daniel Levi

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5 Responses

  1. Steve Stubs says:

    About time. I fully support this. For far too long has Colin Hutchinson spoon fed us all corporate bill crap while his mates at Henderson have used Ascent as their very own corporate trading vehicle. How much has Henderson made? Compare it to how much shareholders have lost.

  2. steve kane says:

    Disgraceful after hours dilution where many share holders lost out in a 5 hour scramble. Where did all the money go CH and why did AST need a further 500k on top of the 1m.

  3. Pedtheted says:

    Go to it. I’m sick of this. Sent you an email. I’m in Daniel

  4. Robinspud says:

    Ascent shouldn’t be doing this with primary bid. Rapists. What they should be doing is getting share holders money to increase value instead of swizzing us.