On-Line PLC. Golden Opportunity Knocks. Potential? Massive! Blockchain Play!

Yesterday was a seminal moment. I shall call it my ‘Eureka BlockChain Epiphany’. I have awoken from my slumber to the potential mega returns (when I say ‘mega’ I literally mean  ‘mega’ with a capital M!) of Blockchain/Cryptocurrency.  It was quite simply an RNS by a small AIM company called On-line PLC (LON: ONL). Read HERE. What struck me was the reference to the change of name to On-Line Blockchain PLC. So what’s in a name? You may well ask.  Well let me educate you!

Now a few canny crypto/blockchain nerdy investors were quick off the mark. The sp spiked up by 63%. to 23/24p. Some one tried to by 10,000,000 shares not once but twice.  The problem was that there are only 7.6 million shares in the whole of the company. I have been told that this was probably a ‘Fat thumb trader’ mistake. I doubt that as the time difference between the trades was over 30 minutes. Both of the trades were cancelled. The buy price was 29p. If it was a ‘Fat Thumb’ then it was the Fat Thumb of a greedy Market Maker not the ‘Fat Thumb’ of an investor.. Mistake or not. It is an indication of all things Blockchain….

On-Line PLC is a company run by Clem Chambers and Michael Hodges. Men of high integrity, honesty, morality but above all else two of the most astute business men on the London AIM. You won’t find these guys ramping or pump and dumping on twitter or any financial site, they are ‘Real’ businessmen who run real business’s such as the worlds largest financial internet website ADVFN. They are both former pioneers of the Computer Games industry, Multimedia CDTV industry, Internet Games Industry and the Internet, they were in at the beginning of all the major techno’ advances of the last 3 decades and have made their fortunes by getting in at the beginning. They are now entering into Blockchain in a big way. They haven’t just woke up to Blockchain, knowing them as I do I know On-Line Blockchain PLC will have been on the drawing board for months if not a year or two.

Currently On-Line PLC has 7,660,000 shares in issue. They have a Market Cap’ of £1,300,000 and an 18% stake in ADVFN valued at close to £2,000,000 with zippo liabilities. The shares change hands at 17/18 pence. Bearing in mind the experience of the people running this company and the wealth of expertise at their hands such as programmers, internet geeks, developers, business contacts on both sides of the pond and their access to the Global Trading and Financial Market Place with an AIM listing the new direction of On-Line Blockchain PLC puts it streets ahead of their competitors. Chambers & Hodges have raced to the front of  Blockchain start-ups.

This is the first UK publicly listed and traded Blockchain company! A ruthless business manoeuvre that assures them prime position. I told you these guys are clever…. Real businessmen….

Trying to forward think their next moves isn’t really hard, with all new business’s they’ll obviously have a strategy which means news. And news drives all financial markets. The news flow over the coming months here is going to set out their vision. Blockchain is the new internet. It isn’t a bubble and it isn’t going away. It is here to stay and it is going to become part of virtually every facet of business. Banks, Hospitals, Courts, Financial Institutions, Silicon Valley, Internet, Retail, Airports, Government Departments, Medicine etc. It’s uses are in the millions upon millions it can and will be and is being adapted for virtually every thing one can think of. It is going global.

I don’t profess to know everything there is to know on this new technology but basically, Blockchain is a way of keeping records in a new way, using computers, the internet and powerful security called cryptography. A Blockchain is a platform for record keeping, enabling applications to be created which could not be achieved in any other way. Cryptocurrency is an example but is only an early application of what will be a galaxy of innovation.

Blockchains are spread around the internet, this is called ‘distributed.’ The internet itself is distributed and this ‘distributed’ feature makes Blockchain robust, accessible, impossible to cheat and very hard to thwart. The technology beats old-fashioned centralised databases by being more secure, more robust, faster for certain applications, resistant to monopoly/oligopoly control and able to be the basis for applications that were impossible to create without a Blockchain. It will do for records/all forms of paperwork what the internet did for communications. It will strip down and make super efficient old processes and create world changing new ones.

Records might not seem a big deal, you need only to appreciate the global records of the financial instruments of money and bonds which is a 300,000 billion dollar paperwork ledger. In addition to creating a new class of assets via Cryptocurrency, keeping track of classic financial instruments is just one category of application where Blockchain will accelerate a huge segment of economic activity.

Now think of the cost of all the bureaucracy in the world, birth certificates, driving licenses, land registries, the list is never ending. Think of buying a home with the purchase process of finance, payment, contracts, land registry, automated across a series of Blockchain. The whole process could take minutes without the weeks of miserable waiting created by current practices. Costs would be driven down and whole new value added applications built up on the process, like instant insurance. How big would that industry alone be? And that is one tiny example of how Blockchain changes everything….

Chambers is a genius in his own right an eccentric whose intelligence and ability to perceive and forward think is about 4/5 years ahead of the game. Hodges is a financial brain who can navigate around the city of London blind-folded and naked without you ever knowing he was there. He is super intelligent. Both of these guys working together are a formidable team. They believe and I believe them, that Blockchain and any ‘Real’ business that can utilise the technology at this very early stage has massive financial potential. If they can do what they have done several times over the last 30 years and innovate and create using Blockchain via On-Line Blockchain PLC then the share-price will be in the pounds not the pence.

This is basically a Blockchain start up company with an AIM listing and everything in place, could very easily reach £2/£3 within twelve to eighteen months dependent on how they progress the company. It could be trading at £10 in five years. One thing is for certain the On-Line Blockchain PLC  SP is going up and £1 looks easy to achieve to me. There could be an almighty stampede for the stock once the Cryptocurrency/Blockchain investors catch on here. Have I bought in? Take a wild guess…..

Occasionally I stick my neck out. I’m sticking it out on this company. This is an opportunity that will not come again at these levels. Whether you trade it or invest and hold, it is up to you. Get yourself a few hundred quid of stock and hold it tight for a year or so.




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2 Responses

  1. Ishmael says:

    Jesus H Christ. You are a genius 389% rise.

    How do I sign up for your newsletter? I take it you do have one ?

  2. Mark says:

    Wow! Great heads upMr Daniel. I made £9451! In 53minutes. This is by far my most successful ever trade. If you find yourself in Lincoln come to my company shop Lincolnshire communications 142a Higjt St Lincoln. There’s a lunch on me. Mark. Email is genuine. Thank you Dan.