Encore oil. Big push coming.

Encore/Curtains Down

Encore to go out with a Bang!!!!

With the rig now on its way to the  drill site>Varadero location on Block 28/9.e< now is the time to take stock here and dig in for what promises to be a truly exciting time for Encore investors.

News from the city varies on just where the  Encore sp will be after the next set of drilling results expect a steady increase as the campaign gets well and truly underway. A 300p minimum sp is expected to be hit over the next few months as Encore yet again prove up the Catcher discovery. Estimates and rumours of more OIP are doing the rounds in the city of London.

As you’re all aware the blog has been on a fantastic roll over the last 6 months with huge gains foretold and coming to fruition on ALL of the stocks high-lighted. Some have tripled some have doubled while some have increased from 20/60% and Dan’s prediction on Encore is for at least a quadrupling of the stock from when the blog first wrote about the company (EO were 48/50P). They look set to rise over the coming months as Alan Booth’s stated aim for asset sale/takeover begins to coalesce

Make no mistake here Encore will double from where they currently sit any news on takeover will significantly push the sp. As will further good news on the next set of drills. The time is fast approaching for the Encore partners tied in at Catcher to officially make their move for the company.

You can bet your last dollar that Encore will already be talking with potential suitors. It is nailed on here that a move is in the pipeline!

Hold your stock for takeover. News will begin to leak in the New year.


Dan the man!

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  1. LT says:

    A shame the same can’t be said for Matra. At this rate both PH & NH should start praying!! You claim Dan they are well respected in the industry? I doubt that very much. 24 days ago they clearly stated that the workover at A13 will take approx. 10 days. Since then, no update. They have been saying for over 13 MONTHS that they are expecting the Production License shortly???? Respect? I think not. This is a SHAMBLES!!!!

    • tommy ducks says:

      Lt i know its a frigging pi** take they need to tell us what the bejesus is going on.
      come on Dan get your finger out and see if you can find some thing out.
      don’t get me wrong im actually up bought mine @1.57p dispatched 300k @ 2.40 now hold 150k basically for nought. so cant lose whatever the news is. It’s looking to me as if they’re fiddling while Rome burns.

    • Brokerman says:

      Calm down LT.
      I can’t get any news other than the company line.
      If it’s effecting you mentally then move your stock on and take action. I know investors are increasingly frustrated but that’s the way it is with this company. It’s a long haul with this one. And there’s a bigger picture that will become apparent over the coming months.
      I’m on the phone to them this afternoon and will be speaking with a contact at oil voice over the weekend.

  2. Big cheese says:

    Hey Dan i sent you an email on Monday thanking you for the Europa and oilex information. No reply from ya! I know your busy pal.
    You may remember some time back i asked you for any oilys that were worth a look at and you posted a comment on europa and an article on oex.
    Just to say thanks dan. am up on oex by approximately 4o% and europa are now free
    have top spliced europa got my original investment back with a small profit 2k and now have 1456 shares for free yippee. Aint going to sell oex mayb when they hit 30p i’ll do the same got the buggers at 16.23p
    Do you think this trading halt is good news isn’t strange?

  3. Glen says:

    Whats going on with XEL please Dan?

  4. Barnstonpickle says:

    Oilex are rising Dan. top stuff great call. Be happy with 30 sheckels come to daddy.
    Click in this blogs adverts i say and help or boysand girls injured in wars not of there making.
    I always click on a few ads now and then. How much we raised so far Danno?


  5. Gtrader0 says:

    Dan any ideas why excite is down

  6. Lt says:

    Why exactly should i calm down when i have been spun quite a few yarns from Peter Hind?
    Let’s not forget Dan that PI’s base their investment decisions on research, also on information supplied by the Company and when it turns out that the information was a lie or was down to the Companies inexperience this is truly shameful. Matra’s interpretation of A13 prior to the CPR was total RUBBISH! I have personally been told that the PL is due any day now for over a year – This was also rubbish. A12 workover rig from TNK – would have expected an update!
    Investing in Matra should not be a total gamble – it should be based on accurate research and more importantly ACCURATE information provided by the Company.
    Rant over!

  7. Magli says:

    Hi Dan, any chance of some scouting around on MXP.
    Thanks for some really goods heads up.

  8. bob says:

    Dannyboy, whats a good exit point on eo? I’m 300% up at the moment dont want to get too greedy!

  9. DanS says:

    Howdy. Great work here. I’m doing pretty good with EO and XEL so thanks for those tips. Ever had a look at TRIC? It could be massive, but it’s high risk. Oh, and the plural of ‘company’ is ‘companies’, as in ‘brokermandaniel’s favourite…’ Don’t want to be a dick, thought you’d like to know…..