Update 7 Evolution

Okay. Spoke to many re’ the drop the general consensus seems to be that  the Evolution article in press is the main reason why GKP has dropped. Taken together with the RI whispers and failure to release the resource report not forgetting that we are still in Recession it’s not surprising that GKP has retraced the catalyst for the drop is Evolution the straw that broke the camels back so to speak. My opinion based on what i hear,see,and read is that most of you chaps AREN’T in GKP for the long haul i would describe you as short term traders. The Lemming syndrome comes to mind. Those that stick with GKP for the Duration are the ones who will (in my analysis) gain the most.

Traders constantly keeping watch on a share will end up making bad judgement calls. A watched door never opens!

Nothing has materially changed here this is a fantastic investment whether it be short term or long term.




PS I did speak to several tight lipped Evolution employees. Got the feeling that they were order filling!!!~

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