Regency Mines the Horse Hill lies exposed yet again!

There’s billions & billions all recoverable in Horse Hill, WHICH IS WHY I SOLD THE LOT! ASAP!

Here we go yet again….. Another UKOG & Horse Hill bullshiter Mr Andrew Bell of Regency Mines has sold out completely. Today’s RNS is indicative of the whole Horse Shite hill scam. Read HERE. Bell known as ‘CalamityBell’, was only saying as recently as a few days ago in the Financial Fox video when asked by the Market Guru Zak Mir  how super dooper is Horse Hill? CalamityBell goes on a diatribe of diarrhoea gushing out the ramptastic lies  “As I expect, <sic> reinterrupt the whole of the weald <sic> there’s bilions & billions of barrels of oil there, recoverable as well” etc. etc. etc.

‘Captain Ramptastic’ You can’t run a company on bottle tops. Which is what UK Mug punters always end up with after I’ve sold out!

If any one ever needed an eye opener this is it. Just like all the David Lenigas ramps and the Lenigas share sells into the pump this is part of the pump & dump. The scam. This morning it was announced via RNS that actually Regency Mines had sold out every single share in UKOG. So while Bell was being interviewed and telling porkypies he was actually selling UKOG! His belief that there’s “Billions and billions” of barrels of “recoverable oil” is now shown exactly for what it is. Lies. Mr Bell, you have been caught out yet again telling lies and doing the exact opposite of what you were stating to the investing public! Should investors be shocked? No not really Andrew Bell isn’t known as ‘CalamityBell’ with out good reason. His whole history is one calamity after another. Every single company this fooker has always bombs. Placings, dilution, consolidation. Rinse repeat. That is a fact. Andrew Bell is a charlatan.

He has done exactly what ‘Captain Ramptastic’ (Lenigas) and his cohorts have been doing and that is saying one thing while doing the other, selling while telling the muppets how fantastic Horse Hill is. This is done to keep the liquidity going to allow them to trade out. Which is what ALL have done. Optiva, Lenigas, Bell, Strang, Alba, Dor, etc. etc. They’ve all cashed in their chips. You can watch the Financial Fox below. The bullshit starts from the first word out of Bells mouth. For those who don’t want to fill their heads with yet more Bell shite you should fast forward. The question from Zak Mir comes at about 11.30 mins into the video. Great question that basically nails him.

Don’t forget ‘campers’ there’s literally “billions upon billions ” of recoverable oil in the Weald Basin. That’s why David Lenigas et al and Andrew Bell have sold the lot! Take no notice whatsoever of The British Geological Survey, you know them they’re a Globally respected GEO Institution used by major oil companies and oil rich countries, the British Geological Survey has the whole of the recoverable resources in the Weald Basin at 11.25M. Big discreptancy but not too worry. ‘Captain Ramptastic’ and his snide Prick CalamityBell know better. lol!!!

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And you can’t fool retail investors by selling but telling them to buy and hold!

The veil has once again been lifted. Take a long hard look. Follow suit and sell!





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2 Responses

  1. Dr No says:

    Bell is a bellend

  2. Zammy says:

    You can tell Bell’s a politicians son!!

    Zach’s question went unanswered – didn’t say a number. Squirmed, avoided eye contact, looked at hands and waffled about ‘other people being right’ all the while he was selling out.