UKOG Pump Up The Volume! Increase the tinnutis 2:-))

Pump up the volume! Let's go!

Pump up the volume! Let’s go!

It’s full steam ahead at UKOG as sources indicate that a certain site has got behind the bandwagon. Suggesting “That you buy into a tiddler which promises a very interesting couple of months: UK Oil & Gas (LSE:UKOG). *One member of the team has an interest in this but will not sell his shares until 24 hours after advising you to do so. We expect to be advising you to sell at 1.8p or better within weeks.”

I wonder who that is and how big the holding is? These guys don’t play with buttons!

Just to reiterate we believe that there’s further news in the pipeline. Now what usually happens is that those that know there’s news, good or bad take their positions. The news here is whispered to be about increasing oil flowing from Lidsey1 after recompletion. Just how much we don’t know. But it’s got to be good news for the sp. Just as the run up to the  spudding of Horse Hill will drive the sp upwards over the coming few weeks. RNS? Yep! Tomorrow? Who knows! Should come this week.

“Team Other” say that the market cap is still only £10 million at 0.9p.  Buy at up to 1.05p. Their target to “sell is 1.8p within weeks.”  I don’t disagree with that but I’d go a little further and ask the question; what happens when they strike oil or gas, what are your targets then? 3p 5p 9p what?




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