Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Same! Same! Ramp, Pump & Dump to Disguise MORE DEBT!

Oh what a difference a day makes…  Yesterday the lying CEO of Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG), Matt Lofgran the ex estate agent released an RNS. In yet another attempt to ramp the company share-price in-order to get the NDOG SP to a place that could allow him to pass the begging bowl around yet again. Make no mistake NTOG are desperate for cash and running on vapours. They will place as soon as they can get one away.

Liar! Liar! Shorts his own company! Secret Payments to Ben(T) Turney

The history here is one of total pump & dump, lies, ramp, secret payments to twitter supporters, shorting their own stock, placing upon placing, dilution upon dilution, consolidation upon consolidation, debt upon debt, flogging off assets to keep the lights on as well as failing to report the 50%/60% decline in East Ghazalat oil production, we’ve had the utter fantasy that is Pine Mills, a clutch of Stripper Wells onshore USA marketed as the next best thing since sliced bread. Stripper Wells are marginal wells deemed at the end of their economic life. Each well at Pine Mills is producing a few barrels of oil a day. They need constant workovers which again is capital intensive. The CAPEX spent by far out strips the return. They will never be in profit in the near, not so near or even the foreseeable future. Then there’s the ‘Eye of Sauron’, yes the AIM Regulation Team who’ve been inundated over the last 2 years with complaints regarding the Shysterism perpetrated by Lofgran. The exposes on shorting his own company, making secret payments to the self confessed drug dealer Ben(T) Turney. Jesus the list is endless.

The usual paid for mouthpieces were out in force tweeting and podcasting hammering the BB boards with the usual utter shite. The SP had a spike to way over 3p. Today the sp is in freefall as the reality of exactly what a hedging facility is and why they have to have it sinks in. They are taking on more Debt because they have no cash and production is down to slurping out a few barrels of oil out of 20/30 stripper wells. No revenues from East Ghazalat which is mired in legals, debt and accusations of fraud with a declining production of over 50%.

Nostra Terra Oil & Gas haven’t got a pot to piss in and on top of the massive Debt that they already have, they’re taking on more Debt. Their liabilities and historical losses are in the tens of millions of dollars. That is a fact. So the hullabaloo about a hedging facility can be summed up in a Nutshell. One of the terms and conditions to taking on yet ever more Debt is having the facility that helps to protect the Lender not the Company! A hedging facility works thus: NTOG pay fees to the provider of the hedging facility to insure that if the oil price drops below lets say $50 per barrel to $45 then the provider of the hedging facility makes up the difference i.e. They pay the shortfall which would be $5 per barrel. NTOG have to pay all oil revenues to their new Lender to not breach the new Debt Agreement and pay their hedging fees regardless of where the oil price is. Not exactly a game changer is it? Back to where you came will go the SP. Below 1.5p. Worth about 0.50p listing value only. Beware of the ever present danger here. They’ll Place as soon as they can get one away.#POS

It is yet another ruse to sucker in the BB poltroons and Melts. There’s ‘nowt’ quite like a BB Loon they’ll believe any old shite and pile in like the uneducated lemmings they are. Just another pump and dump. The dose of reality, although hard to swallow, usually takes a few days to be digested.

Which in turn helps to flush out the stomach and we all know what comes out the other end…. 💩




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3 Responses

  1. Jeb says:

    Does anyone actually believe a word the Nostradamus CEO twat Lofgran says these days? Mans well known as a filthy liar.

  2. Doc Holidays Bum BOY says:

    I think Matt is bumming Doc Holiday and Ben turney in some kind of sex for payment in regard to NOTG. Clearly they are both rent boys.

    why don’t you keep ringing people’s brokers at lunchtime you fat bastards

  3. Zammy says:

    He’s also an MD of Elephant Oil – a superb investment that old Calamity Bell threw untold Wheelbarrows full of shareholders cash into a few years ago.

    That Monica didn’t come cheap you know!!