Scotty Group. Cooked Books

Yes i can now report that there’re cooking the books over at the scotty group.Scotty Group PLC – Notice of AGM

After redesignating their account dates they are now showing a profit when in actual fact there’s a loss showing over the last 12 months in excess of 3 quarters of a million. Good old drunken lords!

Lead by a drunken leaping lord creaming off his pay and expenses good old Scotty are about to re-organise their share capital because….. The sp has dropped below their nominal 50p value which means that the drunken lord can’t issue any more stock to shore up the boards wages and expenses!

It’s you the share holders who will be asked to fund our lords a leapings’ cavorting around the city. What’s the betting that Scotty announce another fund raising once the nominal value goes down to 5p?

Dump them asap!  Or try and day trade them on the ups and downs that are sure to follow! When the re-value happens expect a big drop on news of an equity issue.

Dan the man!

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  1. jedclampettthesecond says:

    BMD Welcome back. Hope u are recovering well. I see SAM have an RNS out. Any further views on its potential. It looks good to me

    • Brokerman says:

      Many thanks Jed.
      I’m a bit achey this morning but will check out the rns later this morning after i’ve had my enforced shower.
      Just need a carrier bag for my ankle!!!!!


  2. reallydarkenergy says:

    Daniel, thank you very much for the concern you show for us small private investors. I have taken your advice here but would also like to know what you think of another of my investments. As someone who is concerned investors don’t get fleeced, what do you make of the claims being made by some that Nostra Terra Oil & Gas is a boiler room scam. One person has even gone to the extreme of creating a blog for the very purpose of exposing the company as a fraud. I must admit some of the stuff is down right scary if true, whether it is true or not though is hard for us little people to know. The site is I would appreciate any helpful advise or knowledge you could share. Thank you. RDM