Andalas Gotcha! again! Andalas Energy & Power Wholesale Fraud & Lies Confirmed by Pertamina Corporate Secretary

This is a real ‘shocker’ and I urge all Andalas Energy & Power (LON: ADL) holders to contact the Nomad and ask just what the fuck is going on?

My information which I wish to now place into the public domain has come directly from my Indonesian oil & gas contacts who have spoken several times and met in person, Mr. Adiatmo Sarjito,

Mr. Sarajito is the VP Corporate Secretary (communications) of PT Pertamina (Persoro). The National State Oil & Gas company of Indonesia.

Mr Adiatmo Sarjito is willing to speak to the Aim Regulator and the ADL Nomad and will confirm that there is no Agreement/s between Andalas Energy & Power and PT Pertamina (Persoro) at the National level there is no record of any such agreement as announced on the 1st September 2016, within the Head office. PT Pertamina (Persoro) have no knowledge of Mr David Whitby and were completely unaware of Andalas Energy, indeed Mr Sarajito has never heard of them and did not know of their existence.

Furthermore, Mr Sarajito has stated that Pertamina does not recogonize/make Joint Development Agreements. This is at odds with what Whitby stated in the 1 Sept’ 2016 RNS. You will find there are material in-accuracies in what Andalas have once again deliberately spoon-fed share-holders and the market. These are blatant lies. You can read that RNS HERE. Andalas have deliberately miss-lead. A suspension of the Company is needed to protect share-holders.

Mr. Sarajito has spoken to the General Manager of Pertamina Jambi . What was reported back to him : was thus: Andalas has been in talks ( only ) with Pertamina EP Jambi to explore the possibility to buy Gas from one of various SMALL WELLHEADS, size around 5-77bcf, producing 1mmscfd! And, that is only for approx 5MW of Power generation the Wellhead in question is known as PUSPA. Again it is just ongoing discussions”

The talks were for ADL to BUY the Gas. So : ADL is aiming to negotiate a GasSales Agreement . So: 1mm Gas for a 5MW Power Gen. NOT 30MW. The company cannot get a Gas Sales Agreement because they do not have the facilities to store the gas. A gas storage facility costs between $2M-$3M.

The ‘agreement’ RNS’d on 1 Sept’ 2016 was not a PARTNERSHIP with PT Pertamina (Persoro) it was some kind of non-material loose regional Heads of Terms, that was for 12 months. That 12 months is now up. There has been no information on the current status of such. Why? It is my belief that they are deliberately with-holding the status of this HOT in-order not to cause problems for todays EGM where another 4,000,000,000 shares will be voted into existence.

The ‘Corporate Secretary’, Mr. Sarajito has agreed that I can officially disclose my discussion to parties in London. i.e Aim Regulation, The FCA and the ADL Nomad.

The above authorities have been updated and can contact via the address/email or telephone number provided. Once contacted I will connect them directly with the ‘Corporate Secretary’ Mr Sarajito. I can assure you all that this conference call will result in the suspension or censure of Andalas Energy.




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