WARNING! Fracking Good Sources! Horse Hill Mob are all looking to place UKOG TOO! Frackers United!


Don’t mention the word ‘Fracking’

It gives me great satisfaction to report that the Horse Hill Mob that group of puppet companies run by the ‘Fat Aussie Share Ramper’ my old mate David Lenigas. You know the man who tried to fuck me out of £52,500 in the ill fated Lenigas Cuba swindle.  All money was returned via a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed off with the knowledge of the Financial Ombudsman, which is fast running out and like I said in the Gunsynd piece ‘wow betide you fatman when it does’… It will be all out guerrilla warfare!! I’m going to join http://frack-off.org.uk/sites/land-off-horse-hill/

Yes folks yet again they’re all after placing with ‘yet again’ more dilution. Top of the Placing Queue is UK Oil & Gas: (LON: UKOG) over the weekend and last night sources confirmed to me that UKOG are once again lining up a placing within the next 30 days or so. Once they’ve ramped up the sp and suckered in gullible retail punters they’ll pull the placing trigger and blow you all away.. Boom…. They’ve just updated their Portland resource figures and are on a rampathon to get the SP higher. The question is will they place before or after planning permission RNS?

What’s interesting is that UKOG are an investing company yet now claim to be the operator of Horse Hill. Strange one that… Maybe their Nomad can clarify…. No doubt the shysters at Optiva Securities and all their cronies are reading this. I did contact Christian Dennis in a rather tongue in cheek manner requesting a job with Optiva as their CLP (Chief Leak Plugger) Mr Dennis asked for my CV which I forwarded to him.  Many years spent locked up must stand me in good stead, I’ll have no worries adapting to their modus operandi. After all at least at Optiva I wont have to wear a mask.

Now here’s a real valid point. We now all Know that UKOG cannot access their tight oil shale without fracking so they are playing a double game of mirrors. The anti-frackers are being spoon fed utter shite that this is a conventional drill. Well maybe in the Portland geology it is. But in their tight shale geology they have to frack. The game being played out by the Horse Hill Mob is never mention the word ‘Fracking’ in public. No doubt there’s lots of emails and confidential correspondence mentioning the ‘F’ word. Or as Big David likes to say “We have to be careful how we handle the Greenies” Horse Hill is a Fracking play. And make no mistake about it, now that Fracking has been allowed in the north of England, it’s only a question of time before the people of Surrey get a good Fracking…





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