Shareprophets: The ‘Stinky Pete’ Scandal!

It’s Groundhog Day once again at ShareProphets……..

Not so long ago Tom Winnifrith had to boot out his editor Ben(t) Turney, after ‘yours truly’ exposed his drug dealing to teenagers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom. The Drug Dealer who rode into ShareProphets….  Of course TW being TW he publicly defended ‘Druggie Boy’ then quietly gave him the order of the boot several weeks later. On the plus side Turney was man enough and had the ‘guts’ to admit it.

So lets see how Tom deals with this one.

It’s an absolute fucking scandal.

First let me state that I don’t believe ShareProphets knew that one of their ‘Financial Commentators’ and I use that term VERY loosely, has been operating ‘covertly‘ pumping, dumping and ramping stocks masquerading as a ‘mug punter. It’s been going on for at least 2 years


 “Ohoo what a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive”


Take a bow gobshite ‘Stinky Pete’ Brailey who anonymously posts on a whole host of financial BBs, while failing to declare his identity as a Paid ShareProphets hack. London South East being Stink’s current favourite.

A quick check of Brailey’s ‘covert’ LSE account ‘SelfishMcNimby’ reveals that the operation began in May 2018 the anonymous account is a litany of Pumping & Dumping, dependent on his interest/financial position taken. No doubt Stinky Pete has correlated his ‘Attacks’ and ‘Big Ups’ of London listed companies in tandem with his ShareProphets & twitter ‘musings’. There are nearly 900 posts on that one fake account.

As I’m sure Tom Winnifrith is aware: In the world of journalism, especially financial, it’s a deliberate deception for any journalist, blogger, writer, columnist, amateur or professional, to anonymously post ‘copy’ good or bad on investments, regardless of whether they invest, short or not. There’s also the small matter of FCA Market Abuse Regulations (MAR), as well as bringing ShareProphets into disrepute. Stinky has been working at ShareProphets for just over a year.

A quick check of Braileys’ twitter reveals he’s following and followed by virtually every known PUMP & DUMPER. In 1 tweet Brailey accuses Malcolm Graham Wood of being ‘Compromised’. Well how compromised are ShareProphets now?

Of course Stinky Pete will deny it when confronted by ShareProphets of that there’s no doubt. You can take it as read it’s him!

There are a whole raft of unanswered questions for the ‘Holier Than Thou’ TW. Not least, are there any more SP ‘Financial Commentators’ balls deep in ‘other’ covert operations not only attacking companies as well as trolling (mostly) small time UK punters trying to make an honest gain?

This will come as a shock to Tom and I expect he’ll do the right thing if he wants his platform to remain free of scandal: Your paid financial commentator has been deceiving UK Investors on financial Bulletin Boards and the ShareProphets platform.

Over to you Tom!






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10 Responses

  1. Liberte says:

    Great article Dan. Tom should sack him and get quality people on SP. This individual is not a journalist but a troll.

  2. Chris says:

    Oh dear! Just when you thought you knew someone. Ah well, the Sheriff needs to get his badge back on and round up his pussy

  3. BigCheese says:

    I had a gut feeling he was dodgy. Lse is a nest of vipers, liars & twats. Braley is one of many.

  4. Seven Dragons says:

    its too late for that. The whole boiling issue need to be put out of business – for once & for all. The amount of grief these shitheads cause is indefensible. Shitcan the lot – for good.

  5. Richard Carton says:

    One of the reasons I stopped subscribing to Share Prophets was after discovering earlier this year that the only person making recommendations on Hot Stock Rockets was none other than TW. This doesn’t seem right.

  6. AltPo says:

    It’s not the fault of SP Dan if one of their own is a rogue.

    By their nature, rampers hide their identity. It’s hard to weed them out.

  7. Sandy McFee says:

    Just looked at the selfishmcnimby history on LSE and his Twitter comments, maybe he shares his opinions with his Mrs (or Mr) and they both post lol Very similar stock likes and dislikes.

  8. Jangsta says:

    AIM, It’s rotten to the core. Why are we not surprised? He’s also been attacking SYME. A concerted effort involving share profits, Winnifrith, Braliey & all there twitter gang.

    The Fca has to take action otherwise it’s never going to stop.

  9. Markymeds says:

    SelFISHmcNimby = Sell FISH Not in my back yard.

    A Freudian slip from Angler Brailey. He’s big on fishing.

    I see the connection Dan , did you LOL?

  10. Elric says:

    Lots of assumptions but nothing credible. If true, then yes, self interest should be declared. It seems nobody commenting here cares about evidence just as long as the mud lands and sticks.