Exposed Optiva, Lenigas & Gunsynd. Takeover Plot of Zenith Energy!

ZenithLogoZenith Energy (LON: ZEN) are a cracking small oil and gas production company operating out of Azerbaijan, they have a main market listing, their CEO is a man called Andrea Cattaneo . They are currently producing 300bopd with cash revenues filling the company coffers on a daily basis. That production is set to triple in the coming months post work-overs. It could be over 1,000 bopd by the end of the year. They operate one of the largest onshore fields in Azerbaijan. What most investors/traders have missed is this; the ZEN asset base also holds an asset called Zardab. This asset was on it’s own producing 500bopd until the well collapsed. That well will be brought back onto production so in effect over the next 12 months ZEN could be producing close to 2,000 bopd, post successful work-overs and re-drilling of Zardab. This means that the share-price will undoubtedly have an astronomical rise and could hit the heady heights of 40p-50p. Why is this important? Read on….

Many months ago I was offered to take part in the IPO listing in London. I declined. Why. I smelt a rat, the Optiva Securities/Lenigas rat to be precise. The Zenith broker. Today I put into the public domain exactly what Optiva have been up to and their attempt to orchestrate a ‘soft takeover’. Optiva are trying or where trying to assist David Lenigas and Donald Strang in taking over Zenith Energy. That is wholly unacceptable practice and flies against all corporate governance. They ‘advised’ that Lenigas be gifted a seat on the board of directors. This is an absolute disgrace. Brokers do not dictate who goes on the board of any company they broker for. Gunsynd (LON: GUN) ARE A MAJOR SHAREHOLDER in ZEN. Gunsynd is to all intents and purposes a Lenigas puppet company run by Donald Strang and Hamish Harris two of the Fatman’s Lieutenants. GUN have threatened a ‘corporate action’. I did email and try to speak to the Zenith head honcho Cattaneo many times pre & post IPO, I warned him of exactly what has now come to pass. Sadly he refused and ignored my advice. Not so much as a returned call just a few template email responses. Now that the sharks are circling and it’s out in the open. Maybe he’ll wise up.

I have many sources in the city of London. Most are impeccable. One, who was in the Optiva camp, recently passed away. My sources on this are 100%. David Lenigas is after taking over Zenith Energy using Gunsynd and ‘other’ significant ZEN holders that he has influence over, as the vehicles to achieve  a board room putsch. Why is he after them? He knows the potential share-price upside is virtually nailed on by the increasing oil production. Optiva like all the Lenigas companies work out of Jermyn Street. They all piss in the same pot and cross pollinate information back and forth between themselves. The spy in the Zenith camp is a chap called Sasha, a nice kid actually, how do I know he’s a fifth columnist? It was Optiva that forced the Board of ZEN to employ him….

The recent placing by ZEN was in my opinion an attempt to dilute the Jermyn St Mob. It was a smart move by the Board of Directors. However it may not be enough as the shysters see a 25p share-price as easy meat.  Andrea Cattaneo is no ones fool. You can’t do what he has done in Azerbaijan unless you are a smart cookie. He needs to grow some balls and take these shysters head on. First ZEN should give Christian Dennis (Optiva headman) his P45 and tell him to pick up Sasha on his way out of the company. Get another broker, one with integrity. It’s a dirty game Andrea, as I told you in my emails months ago where I warned you. But at least now you know exactly how dirty it can get and how right I was in those emails. If these fookers want Zenith then they should pay the going rate. 25p a share. Either put up or shut up.

Zenith Energy are a super little oil production company. Lets hope they don’t fall into the hands of the Jermyn St Mob.

25p target.






N.B It’s with great delight that I give the Jermyn St Mob, Optiva Securities & the ‘Fat Aussie Share Ramper’ A.K.A David Lenigas and ALL his Lieutenant’s  a good solid kick up the arse. Once this is published they’ll be running amok phoning and emailing trying to plug the leaks. Stop getting pissed in Green Park and shooting your mouths off. These are the fookers who tried to fleece me of £52,500 in the disgraceful Lenigas Cuba fiasco. They told so many lies it made ‘Billy Liar’ look saintly… I got all my money back, but that’s another story once the NDA, Non Disclosure Agreement runs it’s course. And woe betide you Fatman when it does…. I bear grudges.

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