Berkeley Minerals. Daytrading dreams

Well what a complete  over-reaction by retail punters. It would seem that confidence has all but ebbed away here until the day-traders have had their fill. I’ve had many comments and emails castigating Masoud Alikhani. As investors or potential investors it is your decision and your money and your right to vent ill-feeling.

But emotion should play no part in investment strategy. They are a bargain punt for all you day-traders!!

Watchlist them for news and await the licence approval.





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  1. philip says:


    Would you like to qualify your statement from 2 Dec?

    ‘The flow testing at the Bentley field is well underway and has been for the last few days so says our contacts. The news is expected to be very positive no problems have been encountered other than the usual rough seas. Knutsen tankers are known to be in this area probably off-loading the flow-test oil. Commercial rates of BOPD are being hit!’

    Were you telling porkie pies?

    • Brokerman says:

      The flow testing at Bentley was well underway.
      As evidenced by the increasing share price. The export pipe fractured under pressure during FLOW- TEST!
      The off-load to Betty Knutsen has been postponed. To come on here and to try to blame the blog for a bust pipe on the Bentley drill in the middle of the North sea is laughable! Tech prob’s are and will always be a part of oil exploration/production.
      Please do not double post!


      • Stevie says:

        Dan I just wrote a post but it didn’t appear??? Was reminding Philip flows are included in DST’s but aside prior to betty arriving crew must prep to ISO tanks, you would hardly call in a 250k per day tanker to shrug shoulders and say oops would you! They were prepping at time o your blog post but unfortunately betty was delayed in pulling alongside so your info was correct chief

    • Stevie says:

      Philip, no he wern’t, DST’s include flow within the full test which were very bullish FYI ….but for main FT prior to betty pulling along side the crew prep start to the ISO tanks. You dont call a 250k per day tanker in to shrug shoulders and say oops sorry folks. His call was actually what was going on at time.

      • chilaxed says:

        Any knew info?

        You don’t answer my questions, have I upset you? I will make you a nice cup of earl grey and a scone if you can share any new info! 🙂

        • Brokerman says:

          sounds good to me. I think you’ll find that what is disturbing the BMR holders isn’t the option on the Kabwe license/tailings or indeed the delay but the potential for the vendor to renege on the option or even hike the price to BMR when they themselves renew the license. News that they are renewing the license has spooked the natives. What they can’t seem to understand is that in order for Sable zinc to complete the sale they themselves have to renew. No renewel no sale!

          Hope this helps.
          Scones are fine, tea no! Coffee yes!


  2. philip says:

    I am not trying to blame a blog for problems in the North Sea, I am questioning the accuracy of your post containing factual information on 2 Dec which on the face of it seemed to be derived from gossip on BBs..

    So you maintain that on and before 2 Dec they were extracting ‘commercial rates of BOPD’?

    So how comes the company have stated on 7 Dec that ‘The continuing bad weather is delaying the start up of the flow test’.

    They say delaying ‘START’ of flow test and you maintain it had been ‘WELL UNDERWAY’ for days before.

    Seems to be a discrepancy to me so please clarify.

    • Brokerman says:

      I think you are under the wrong allusion as to how a flow test actually works. They don’t throw a hose pipe onto the Betty Knutsen and start pumping the oil. They have to prepare the ISO (the Independent System operator) tanks the flow test goes through this system before off-load! The iso prep had begun thus the oil was flowing! That’s why they had the Betty Knutsen on full steam ahead FOR THE OFF-LOAD!!!! BOPD is always provisionally established before I repeat before any tanker gets to the drill. The reason is that TANKERS cost hundreds of thousands of pounds per day and the off-load is timed or choreographed to coincide after flow testing has been established! Then the bad weatherkicked in and the export pipe fractured,malfunctioned broke, blocked etc( take your pick!.) This was several days ago! Please stop seeking answers to information that YOU should already know!!!!!! Only invest when you have fully researched.

      Please read the posts from Stevie better still ask him for some pointers for research. Or telephone the company!

      Good Luck


  3. miopus says:

    Dan – I have never seen the BMR and XEL boards this bad.

    Your reminder about facts and emotions is timely.

  4. Drew says:


    All I can say I your a true legend! I wish some on the bb’s had half your sense it gone nuts on Bmr.

    Peeps just need to chill out and take a step back and look at the bigger pic.

    Keep up the good work


  5. jixie says:

    I just wanted to know why then did Charles Needham fromn Metorex Ltd deny that there is an aquisition taking place with BMR and who go so far as to state that they were far deeper in talk with another bidder?

    Really looking for true answers and you are the man that can answer Dan

    Charles Needham saying something else and BMR RNS say another.. without mincing words he made sre he made it clear BMR were no longer in the picture…

    The BMR boards are officially the worst board and have now make DES more inviting lol

    the BMR share has been ramped and deramped with so may fake rumours I fear no one will want to come on board.

  6. Asif GHAFOOR says:

    Hi Dan. Xcite energy is still not under one of your favorite company headings. Any news on VOG? Please!!!!

  7. James Cornor says:

    it should also be noted the past history of the current chairman Masoud Alikhani

    cape diamonds just for starters

    there are far better opps out there with far more upside than BMR

    also after shifting through the accounts I have still yet to discover who dorset solutions limited are ? but they have received substantial sums of money, they are switzerland registered so I believe the UK registered company I found which was disolved in 2009 im not sure if this is connected or not

    but its certainly not clear

    my advice avoid BMR altogether

    If you are still in BMR hold until the next set of rumours fly around which will be Q1 2011 and look to sell then, dont wait for the dumps aquisition…… may never come

  8. jixie says:


    Hi Dan just read your reply below to someone with regards to BMR

    “spooked the natives. What they can’t seem to understand is that in order for Sable zinc to complete the sale they themselves have to renew. No renewel no sale!”

    I posted the same obvious licence renew by Sable but pi’s on the iii board are a bunch of nutter with no sense of logic or the importance of DYOR, instead most asks others on the boards for answers and are so driven by emotion that they are far more willing to believe the day trading reampers and derampers day in day out, while share price is more further day by day.

    All shares will have a balanced short, mid, long and day traders investering, but BMR IMHO has far too many daytraders and even worse far more nieve investors. I invested after doing research (what till info ther is that is) I read your post too, have been getting this feeling of what have I got myself into, the boards are totally mad. unlike NPE XEL EO. PMG to name a few good boards..

    But after todays revelations would be really grateful for your valuable and informative input