Nostra Terra Oil & Gas Open Letter to AIM Regulation and The FCA.


An Open Letter To The FCA & AIM Regulation Regarding Nostra Terra Oil & Gas (LON: NTOG)

FCA JPEGI now bring to your attention yet more lies from Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. This is in addition to the voluminious complaints you have already received from many different former and current shareholders regarding what can only be discribed as wholesale market abuse by the CEO Matthew Lofgran, the former estate agent.

On the 20th Febuary 2017 the company released an RNS stating that it was ‘considering’ a placing and had changed its mind. This is a deliberate lie.

I received information from various sources on the 15/16/17 of this month that a full scale placing was underway. Brokers and bucket shops were confirmed to be contacting retail investors offering discounted shares in Nostra Terra Oil & Gas. That is not a placing being ‘considered’. That is a placing underway and brokers/bucket shops had actively sought to place stock to retail investors.

Lofgran was happily over-promoting his company to GULLIBILE UNSOPHIOSTICATED investors. He was actively tweeting, podcasting and briefing off the record to known P&Ders, while at the same time seeking to dilute and destroy share-holder and company value. That is a disgrace.  Retail UK Investors should not be subjected to such calumny! In the Public Interest I exposed this chicanery and the placing.

The placing failed and as such Lofgran has not disclosed the reasons why the placing failed to attract investment. Instead he has lied through his teeth yet again. It is my understanding that firm commitments from some retail investors were withdrawn as news of the placing began to circulate. Again that is not a placing ‘under consideration’

If you check the recent over promotion and ramptasic horse shit that is being spewed out online by various well known Pump & Dumpers it is obvious to a blind man that this was in-part orchestrated by Lofgran to ramp up the Nostra share price to get the placing away.

This company has a history of utter failure on virtually every deal and asset it brings to market. The only people making money out of the company are the Directors and numerous corporate ticks. It is well past its sell by date and I urge you to investigate the lies now being perpetrated by Nostra regarding the failed placing.  You and I know that this is an easy matter to clarify via brokers and placing letters.



Daniel Levi

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