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Ascent_LogoIt’s a long convoluted process trying to get credible information on target companies such as Ascent Resources (LON: AST). The process involves a myriad of avenues one has to go down, some lead you into a ‘cul-de-sac’ while others leave you tantalisingly close but just not quite there to firm up the whispers. Then you’ve always got to cross-reference and double, ‘double’ check that you’re not being spoon-fed company ramps. Which is why you don’t get industrial scale blogs from ‘yours truly’. Anyone releasing industrial scale diatribes on a daily basis should be treated cautiously. More often than not there’s some form of clandestine ‘Brown Envelope’ involved between the parties.

News on Ascent has been filtering through to me via various contacts/sources for the last 3 months or so. News that if it comes to fruition would be transformational for the Company.

Most investors/traders are eagerly awaiting their Slovenia gas asset coming onto production, agreements necessary to allow commercial gas production to commence as early as January 2017 are now in place. Once production starts then this is seen by most as a driver of their sp, but what most do not know is that Ascent were or are being lined up as a target by a well known group of proven oil & gas Big Hitters with massive institutional and retail backing for what in effect could be transformational for the Company and its share-price. That is why I am invested in Ascent.

1_12HOjEVCDH9oik_bMObYnAThere are various names associated with this play, I’ve spoken to many sources some who I know are involved all are very edgy as to how I came to get knowledge of such a deal that was/is supposed to be kept ‘Tight’. Out of deference to those thought to be rumoured to be associated and involved in what I call the ‘Putsch’  I will not at this stage name them as I believe that the deal, if my sources are correct, hangs in the balance and has a 50/50 chance of realisation. The sticking point could be the amount of convertible loan notes that are currently outstanding.

What’s interesting is that sources are telling me that the Slovenia assets were looked at prior to Ascent getting them, by the CEO of a now highly successful mid cap oil & gas producer who at the time 2008/9 wasn’t in a position to acquire them. They believe now that there could be multiple TCF potential deeper down within the Petisovci reservoirs, which is why the failed Cadogan Petroleum (LON: CAD) takeover approach came to be, that approach eventually blew up due to the AST SP rocketing to over 7p.

There’s lots of speculation on the sp potential out there. One broker (who must be a part time glue sniffer) has a 33p target for this year. Cutting through such utter nonsense I’d look at 5/6p being achievable on gas production and 10p if the ‘Putsch’ is successful. Remember as ever it’s your money and your responsibility. Derisk on the way up. Because it is going up in 2017.




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2 Responses

  1. STEVE says:

    Is this twitter link about a Russian take-over at AST true or total bollox made up by someone who wants to get out after todays awful 3 month delay RNS at AST?

    Russian giant Surgutneftegaz eyes Petišovci field in Slovenia as it plans major expansion programme in Eastern Europe.

    I only ask as it seems to tie in with your January comments about AST ” being lined up as a target by a well known group of proven oil & gas Big Hitters with massive institutional and retail backing for what in effect could be transformational for the Company”

    • Dan Levi says:

      I doubt it. The people who were looking at AST have now taken effective control of Independent Resources. (LON: IRG)