SDX Energy (LON: SDX) £20,000,000 Placing?

logo-new sdxInvestors of London listed SDX Energy (LON: SDX) Maybe in for a major kick in the ‘goolies’.  Whispers are reaching BMD that there’s a major book build either underway or about to start. I’ve been tracking them ever since I noticed the upward movement in the sp. This is typical of Cantor Fitzgerald, who lets face it aren’t exactly retail investor friendly. They’re notorious for shafting small share-holders with poor oversight. As in the African Potash debacle.

So it’s with great pleasure that I place into the Public Domain ‘Careless Whispers’ of a whooping £20,000,000 Cantor lead book build on SDX Energy (LON: SDX). It’s certainly going to carry a large discount, possibly of 25%. Now why you may ask do they need cash? Well their Q3 results 2016 were shocking with a $26,000,000 loss. They’re obviously trying to fill that gap and no doubt they’ll say it’s for asset buying deals, such as Circle Oils portfolio. Remember them? They’re currently suspended and holders of COP stock will be wiped out. There’s no value whatsoever coming back. But ‘Hey Ho’ those assets that busted Circle Oil are just what the Doctor ordered and can be used to miss-direct as to why share holders are about to get diluted, yet again into the proverbial dirt.

The Bucket shops and shyster flippers will be greedily clamouring for a piece of the highly dilutive action. Which will be or is being pitched to them as I type. Of course I may be wrong and it could be all part of a CIA lead plot to discredit this site. 🙂  Tick! Tock!





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