Sound Energy Moroccan Gas Flare By Night! Exclusive Footage!

About time I started releasing some of the footage and photo’s taken from my Sound Energy (LON: SOU) trip. I’ve got literally hours of footage. This is the gas flare at TE7. AS CLOSE AS I COULD GET. The heat, not to mention the noise, was tremendous. I could only take the footage in 20 second bursts before my eyes started to see ‘glare’ bit like looking into a fire when one looks a way you see blotches or in this case blotches as big as a house…

You can feel the vibration in the ground from this flare. Raw energy coming up from beneath. Great spectacle at night.

The next big news here is the Tendrara 8 or TE8 drill. Remember no doubt that they’ll find gas at TE8 question is how big will it be. As I see it their share-price is basically under-pinned at the moment on expectation of TE8, Sidi Moktar and Badille. Any news on drilling of the above 3 assets should further inflate their sp. Now there’s a good chance that this sp could go on a charge in the run up to the TE8 drill. It’ll be the usual set of criteria that moves their sp i.e. TE8 Pad preparations, rig mobilisation, spud etc.


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